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They find the body of a Kenyan electoral official who had disappeared

The Kenya Police have confirmed the death of an official of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEBC), Daniel Mbolu Musyokadisappeared last Thursday in the east of Nairobi in mysterious circumstances, two days after the celebration of the general elections.

“His two sisters identified the body, which was in the hospital in the subcounty of Loitoktok (south),” said the chief of the Police of that subcounty, Kipruto Ruto, in statements collected today in the local media.

The body was found by some shepherds in the bed of a dry river in the national park of Amboseli (South) early Monday morning and, according to Ruto, presented “visible signs” of having had a fight or been tortured. “It is clear that the victim was murdered somewhere else. The corpse has marks that indicate that it was tortured before dying. He possibly had a painful death,” lamented the police command.

Musyoka, 53, was in charge of counting the votes coming from Eastern Embakasione of the seventeen constituencies in Nairobi County.

“The official disappeared from the Embakasi counting center. (…) Around 09:45 local time (06:45 GMT), he excused himself to make a phone call, but did not return to the office“, denounced the president of the IEBC, Wafula Chebukati.

Around the 65% of the 22.1 million voters registered in Kenya went to the polls last Tuesday in a general elections which proceeded calmly, except for a few isolated incidents.

accusations of fraud

After almost a week of waiting, the IEBC announced on Monday the victory of Kenya’s Vice President, William Ruto, with the 50.49% of the voteswhile his main rival, the former prime minister and opposition leader Raila Odingatook 48.85% of the votes.

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A few minutes before that announcement, four IEBC commissioners (made up of seven commissioners and the president), including its vice president, Juliana Cherera, disassociate themselves from the results of the elections and considered that the count had been carried out in an “opaque” manner.

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Likewise, the counting of votes was marked by delays and accusations of fraud by sympathizers and politicians from the formations of both presidential candidates, although they did not present clear and convincing evidence.

If it is not prevented by any eventual legal challenge of the results, Ruto will become the fifth president of Kenya since its independence from the United Kingdom in 1963 and will replace Uhuru Kenyattawho leaves power after exhausting the second and last term of five years allowed by the Constitution.

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