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They find the body of a woman with signs of violence in a sewer in Malaga

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The Homicide Group of the National Police maintains an investigation to identify the victim, whose lifeless body was located eight meters deep

The National Police is investigating the violent death of a woman whose body was found on the morning of this Tuesday, July 12, in a sewer eight meters deep, as confirmed by this newspaper.

The body was found shortly before noon in the Teatinos district, specifically in an area known as El Hoyo, next to Juan de Robles street, which is very close to the City of Justice and the Malaga university campus.

After being alerted to the possible presence of the body at the bottom of the sewer, National Police agents went to the scene and demanded the help of the Royal Fire Department of Malaga to rescue the body.

According to the sources consulted, the woman’s body shows signs of violence and is in an advanced state of decomposition, so it is presumed that she could have been dead for more than a month.

The victim’s body is pending identification. The Homicide Group has taken charge of the case, which works on the investigation together with the specialists of the Scientific Police, under the coordination of the Investigating Court number 10 of Malaga capital.

The police device aroused concern in the neighborhood. While the officials of the National Police and Fire Department of Malaga carried out their work behind a tarpaulin to prevent the visibility of pedestrians, the residents who passed through the area kept stopping to try to find out the cause of the deployment, which has caught surprise.

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«At twelve o’clock there was already a police car and firefighters here, but now there is a whole device; Whatever it is, it doesn’t look good, although this neighborhood is quite quiet, ”said a young woman whose home is a few meters from the stage where the lifeless woman’s body has been located.

The same thing happened with the passenger cars and motorcycles that were passing by the area’s surroundings, whose drivers stopped for a moment to ask those who were in the place about what had happened. In small groups and sheltered under the few meters of shade of the trees, the residents of the area concluded that the device would have to be related to the discovery of a corpse.

“You can’t see anything on the canvas, but last night I was walking my dogs here and I didn’t see or smell anything strange,” said one of them who was taken by surprise by the event. They also pointed their fingers at a block of flats whose windows overlook the place where the body has been recovered. “Whoever is behind has had to do it late at night and very, very quietly, because it is very strange that no one has heard anything.”

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