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They find the remains of a couple in their sixties who had disappeared in New Jersey

The couple had last been seen on November 17.


The lifeless bodies of a couple in their sixties from New Jersey were found having disappeared in the middle of the month, after they ventured into The Pine Barrens.

Gary Parker, 67, and his wife, Lorraine Parker, 60, were discovered by a police drone Tuesday around 1:00 p.m. at a location 200 yards from their home in the Warren Grove section of the Stafford Township.

Investigators indicated that autopsies will be performed later this week; however, they anticipated that no signs of trauma or torture were foundreported NBC10.

This past November 17 was the last time the Parkers were seen alive; Despite this, a neighbor claimed to have spoken with them on Sunday the 21st and the daughter of the deceased reported them missing on November 22.

Everyone reserves for himself, so it is unusual for people to disappear like thisBill Bennett, a neighbor of the Parkers, reported in a statement to NBC10. “This area is not big enough to get lost.”

During exhaustive searches last week, no traces of the couple were found, but one of the couple’s ATVs was found along with a shotgun near the rear of the property.

“His truck was found stuck in a field not far from his house that my dad has used for years to bait deer. Trail Cam footage has nothing after footage captured last week“Said at the time Lindsay Parker, daughter of the couple.

Authorities told NBC10 that they found the couple’s cell phones and credit cards inside their home, being used for the last time on Sunday, November 21, the day before the report of their disappearance.

The search for the couple in their sixties included more than 100 investigators, police dogs, ATVs, drones, as well as air support, but it was still uphill to find them during the first phase of the search.

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