Tuesday, January 18

“They have been sent to hell”: the hundreds of Latin American children deported by the United States to Haiti (although they were not born there)

  • Lioman Lima – @liomanlima
  • BBC News World


Image source, UNICEF HAITI


More than 500 children with nationalities from different Latin American countries were deported by the US to Haiti.

For more than a month, Constance and Martín *, two brothers aged 3 and 4 respectively, have been locked up with their mother for fear of kidnappings and violence in a country they do not know and hardly speak the language of.

They were born in Chile and communicate in Spanish –they actually have Chilean passports– but they were deported by immigration authorities from the United States to Haiti, one of the most dangerous places on the continent.

“We have been here for several weeks and the children do not understand what is happening. We are not going out because I am afraid that something could happen to them because here the situation is very ugly,” the mother of the minors, a native of Haiti, tells BBC Mundo.

The family left northern Chile a couple of months ago, crossed the Darien Gap in Panama, and made their way up to the northern border of Mexico, where they were arrested by the US border patrol.


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