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“They have been two very good years in terms of management. We have arrived to start Alicante »

Two years of government of the bipartisan. What balance do you make?

They have been two very good years in terms of management. We already said in campaign that Alicante I had been on hiatus for a long time, in terms of carrying out projects, and fortunately we have arrived to start it.

What has Citizens contributed in these two years of government?

Stability. We have been coming and going for 25 years, with embarrassing moments, with government teams that did not wash dirty laundry at home, we were in the news for frankly sad things. We have provided that stability so necessary and so desirable for Alicante, putting management needs before the rest.

«It is useless to increase the budget in Equality [como recoge el pacto con el PSOE] if you don’t have staff »


Are they considered important within the government team?

It is that we are. There is the management. Above all, taking areas such as Tourism in the midst of a pandemic, Urbanism with the Protection Catalog, encouraging events with Sports, raising the culture that we have not stopped programming. It is not that we feel important in the government, it is that we have been. And not only because of the management, but also to value that stability.

Don’t they feel in the shadow of Barcala and the popular group?

In Ciudadanos we had it clear. We signed a commitment two years ago in which we put aside breastfeeding and wearing medals. I want to value the management of Ciudadanos, and the one that we will continue to carry out because we have enough projects for more legislatures.

They also signed a budget pact with the PSOE. Nothing is known about points like increasing social spending. Will that agreement be honored this year?

When citizens sign the agreements, they do so to comply with them. That goes ahead, both that of PSOE and that of Vox. What happens is that, in the case of Equality, we need staff because it is useless to raise the budget if there is no staff. There is the mayor’s commitment to give us that staff increase this year.

«We are very clear about the need for this congress center for Alicante. There is a will and it will give tranquility to the sector »


It seems compatible that Barcala give you more personnel and that you force the PP to expand the budget in Equality.

But everything has an order. First I need the staff so that the projects can be executed and then study the budget increase. If I don’t have staff, it is useless.

He spoke of two pacts that are incompatible in Equality.

When we sign the pacts we try to maintain that difficult balance. In the end it is about finding the political will to add. We are a team of words, so we will try to fulfill those agreements.

You are at the political center, but you have Vox as the main ally of the bipartisan.

It is no more ally than any other party. The problem is when ideologies are put before the needs of Alicante. We have reached agreements with the PSOE, even occasionally we can coincide with Compromís or Unidas Podemos. It is about finding what unites us, ensuring the needs of Alicante and putting aside ideologies or trenches that do not contribute to us.

«As long as the pact we signed is fulfilled [con el PP] and there are no scandals, we will guarantee that bipartisan stability ”


Vox urges its bipartisan to approve the Ordinance of Begging and Prostitution as it was promoted. But you, after pressure from the left, backed off.

The government team chose to withdraw that text, because it did not have the consensus. We will take it up again, we will review it and from Ciudadanos, as a group, we will make our contributions because it was frankly improvable. Not however complicated the ordinance may be, it must be set aside, because we consider that it is necessary to make Alicante a friendlier city for everyone.

Let’s continue with the value of the bipartisan commitments. They assured that they would not extend the cleaning contract. But…

This measure had to be taken that we did not like because when they had to start doing the procedures they were not carried out, and I am talking about the stage of the tripartite.

But the promise was made a year after the left’s departure from the municipal government.

Ciudadanos was not in the government, we did not know what the situation was. You express your will, but when you are in flour is when you see the realities.

Will there be Structural PGOU?

It’s complicated, but I trust the good work of my teammate Adrián Santos [Pérez] in Urbanism. We are going to move forward as much as we can. In Urbanism there was a tremendous traffic jam. There was such a lot and so much fear of making decisions, after what was experienced in this City Council, that Citizens had to come to get everything going. We hope to do everything we can to advance that Structural Plan. And hopefully we can pass it this mandate.

Why this time there will be a congress center in Alicante?

Because there are no biases between the administrations, because we are very clear about the need for this congress center for the city of Alicante. There is will. It is a need that cannot be delayed any longer.

And also a historical vindication of the tourism sector …

It will be a tremendous peace of mind. We will not have to reject large congresses that we cannot take on now.

Being Citizens, we must also talk about internal issues. They have been some very turbulent months and with an uncertain future … Will they continue to give stability to the Barcala government?

As long as the pact we signed is fulfilled and there are no scandals, we are going to guarantee that stability because it is what Alicante needs. We can’t be doing games of thrones as we emerge from a terrible pandemic.

You were critical of the wayward that Citizens recently left in the Valencian Cortes, keeping the record and the salary. His colleague Antonio Manresa, on the other hand, has shared a message from those wayward deputies on the networks.

I do not have twitter.

But it will have come …

If something. I know Manresa and I know that he is committed to Ciudadanos. I respect what you’ve done, even if you don’t share it. It is a personal decision.

When the term ends, will you seek accommodation in the PP or will you continue to be faithful to Cs?

I promise to continue working from the center. I don’t know what will happen in the future, what reins Ciudadanos will take … I believe that the party is necessary in a country that is increasingly polarized.

This Sunday there is a concentration in Colón, and also in Alicante, against pardons. Go to?

It is my father’s saint and we have arranged to celebrate it. It is a special year for us.

To finish like the rest of the spokespersons … How do you value the bipartisan in these two years?

Remarkable. An A would be overbearing. You have to go for 10 at the end of the mandate.

And your group, Cs?

A 10. I must give the highest mark, because we did not have it easy.

And the opposition, in general?

A five scraped. I will be generous to them.

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