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“They have taken me to court 20 times and they have not accepted it”



New tense plenary session in the Madrid Assembly, with crosses of accusations between the spokespersons of the different political groups and the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso. The head of the regional Executive has defended that it was “all legal” in the purchase of masks during the pandemic and has censored that United We Can attack “honest companies” in order to harm the autonomous Executive.

«They have taken me almost 20 times to court and they have not accepted it. They are taking traps to the courts to harm the Government», The president launched during the Government Control Session in the Plenary Session of the Madrid Assembly when asked by the deputy spokesperson for United We Can Alejandra Jacinto if the purchase of medical supplies with European funds was legal.

Ayuso has detailed that in the “most difficult” months of the pandemic more than 5,000 contracts were made with different companies that are being used to “harm” when what they did was “bring masks” when the markets were “blocked” and the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, did not “bring one.”

“We did everything legal and if you want we can talk about another of her failed tricks,” insisted Ayuso, who has made the left ugly that when the complaints against her are filed “the subject is changed” and they do not ask about “the seven companies” investigated who are “your colleagues.” “The Spanish Prosecutor’s Office investigates the corruption of the left and agrees with us all the time,” Ayuso concluded.

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In addition, Ayuso has branded the request for vox to have plenary sessions in July populist measure and remember that the Government of Madrid is the one that undergoes “more control of the whole country”. “I want to clarify, after the statements that he has been making all this week about the plenary sessions of this House, that we are the assembly that holds the most plenary sessions throughout the year and that we are the Government with the most control in the entire country. I encourage you to take a good look at it and not say that we are going to be three months without plenary sessions because it is false », he pointed out.

The president criticizes the PSOE for the accusations of fiscal ‘dumping’

Ayuso has also disfigured the PSOE spokesman in the Madrid Assembly, Juan Lobato, that his party proposes to “lower taxes” in the region but then from Valencia or Asturias autonomy is described as a “black hole”» or it is affirmed that it carries out fiscal ‘dumping’.

«I wish I could copy the fiscal policies of the PP. He can try to lower taxes on the people of Madrid but his boss -Pedro Sánchez- has set himself the goal of raising taxes on all people of Madrid, ”he launched the president to Lobato during the Government Control Session in plenary this Thursday.

Lobato has asked the president how the taxes collected by the Community affect public services in the region and has once again highlighted his tax reform proposal that would lower taxes for all Madrid residents and require a greater effort from 2% of the population.

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Ayuso, faced with criticism of the Madrid tax model, has defended that in Madrid “those who have the least are the ones who pay the least in all of Spain” and that those who have the most pay the most.

Along the way, he has taken out the fact that due to the tax cuts, “middle-class families” have arrived in the region, escaping from “tax plunder, fed up with the socialist world.” As an example of the change he has pointed out to Andalusia that after 40 years of the PSOE now “leads the creation of companies and new self-employed”. “That the PSOE of fiscal policy classes to the PP is almost a joke,” Ayuso summarized.

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