Wednesday, January 27

They identify 23 people at an illegal party in a Leticia Sabater villa

Leticia Sabater (i), owner of th,villa in th,Villafranca Del Castillo urbanization.

Leticia Sabater (i), owner of th,villa in th,Villafranca Del Castillo urbanization.

Th,Municipal Polic,of VillanuevaDel la Cañada (Madrid) has identified 23 peopl,who allegedly participated in a party from New Year’s Ev,in a villa in th,Villafranca Del Castillo urbanization, located in this Madrid municipality and owned by th,television contributor Leticia Sabater, according to polic,sources hav,informed Efe.

For their part, municipal sources hav,explained to Ef,that at 8.30 am on Friday, January 1, ther,was a first warning by th,urbanization guards, warned, in turn, by th,tenant of an adjoining house, from wher,I listened to music and watched th,traffic of vehicles in th,zone.

When they went to th,place, th,agents did not hear noises from outsid,and mad,several attempts to contact someon,in charg,or someon,insid,th,house, without result.

After staying in th,vicinity of th,home, they identified up to ten people that they did not liv,ther,and that they wer,proposed for sanction for grouping mor,than six people.

In th,early hours of Saturday ther,was a new notic,from a neighbor warning of a possibl,party in that sam,house, but th,Municipal Polic,did not hear noises or music from th,outsid,either, and they still did not respond at home.

Th,agents remained in th,plac,for som,tim,without seeing any movement, but at 9:26 a.m., a new notic,byguards againstm th,Villafranca Del Castillo urbanization warned of th,movement of vehicles.

“You go to th,warning and th,agents hear som,music far from insid,th,house,” municipal sources hav,reported, who hav,specified that th,agents mad,”several attempts to contact someon,in charg,or someon,insid,that hous,, th,result being negativ,”.

They then chos,to remain in th,vicinity of th,chalet until som,occupants began to leave.

At that tim,they wer,13 peopl,identified who did not liv,in th,house, for which they wer,proposed for sanction for “grouping greater than six people”.

Th,agents also identified a person who claimed to b,responsibl,for th,hom,and who claimed to hav,left th,hous,to a friend to meet with a coupl,of couples.

Th,chalet, according to polic,sources, belongs to th,television presenter Leticia Sabater, who could hav,rented th,hous,to a third party.

This morning Sabater was seen in th,vicinity of th,chalet, wher,h,took several photos of th,garbag,bags with remains of th,party, accumulated outsid,th,plot.

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