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They identify in Malaga a driver who was circulating with a minor on the roof of the car

The minor on the roof of a car that circulated through the streets of Malaga.

Agents from the Accident and Reported Investigation Group (GIAA) of the Local Police of Malaga, after an investigation carried out by local police officers specialized in tracking open Internet sources and social networks, have attributed a natural man from Malaga and resident of the province, 20 years old, the alleged responsibility of a crime against road safety for driving a motor vehicle in a manifestly reckless manner, putting a minor in particular danger.

The investigation began within the operation called VisualTraffic, which has been developed by the Local Police of Malaga with the aim of detect conduct contrary to traffic regulations, in order to, thereby, reinforce road safety surveillance.

In this case, the investigation has been arduous, since, although it culminated at the end of last September, the events occurred in December 2019, The investigation began in 2020 after viewing the videos, they have reported from the Local Police in a statement.

The agents have analyzed a total of four videos, observing in three of them how tourism circulated through various streets of Malaga with a person on the roof, existing a serious and concrete danger to your life in the event of a possible fall caused by an accident due to loss of control of the vehicle or the need to make an emergency braking, among other circumstances.

Although it may seem that the recording was carried out by the driver, is carried out in what is known as mirror mode, with the images rotated, therefore the co-pilot is the person who records.

As a result of viewing the images, the local police officers were able to determine that the exact journey of the vehicle with the person on the roof started in Periana street, Continuing along Calle Casarabonela until reaching Camino de San Rafael, returning later to the same previous streets until ending up turning left in the opposite direction and stopping just in front of number 9 Calle Ciudad de Andújar.

Recorded and uploaded to the network driving at 187 kilometers per hour

Regarding the fourth video, in its study, the same driver is observed driving on a two-lane road, with a danger sign for works located on the left bank, reaching a speed of up to 187 kilometers per hour, may have incurred a crime of speeding, since the driving takes place on a road that could not be specified in the study of the images, and it may be a highway with two lanes of traffic in each direction.

Once the videos have been analyzeds, the local police were able to specify that the vehicle in question was a passenger car, managing to complete the registration and verifying that the property came out in the name of a vehicle rental company, a third party being the person who appeared in the rental contract, although the police investigations led to the identification of both the driver and the minor who circulated on the roof, which at the time of the events was 15 years old.

Everything investigated was sent to the Accident and Reported Investigation Group (GIAA) of the Malaga Local Police for judicial processing, whose agents contacted the driver, who appeared at the premises, where his rights were read as an investigated person not arrested for the commission of a crime against road safety for driving a motor vehicle in a manifestly reckless mannera, the statement being sent to the judicial authority.

On the other hand, they have specified that Although the driver had a valid class B driving license at the time of the events, on June 10 of this year he was denounced after being caught driving a car lacking a license. for the total loss of the legally assigned points, thereby incurring in the authorship of a crime against road safety.

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