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They identify the police who allegedly stole Octavio Ocaña’s belongings when he died

Both for his family and for many, the death of Octavio Ocana It is still full of mysteries and some unsolved theories that, in his view, are contrary to the official versions offered by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico.

Added to this, Nerea Godinez, who was the sentimental partner of the actor and his sister, Bertha Ocaña, found what would have been a lack of professional ethics on the part of a police officer who was at the place where the accident occurred.

Well, through the social networks of each one, they published an image where they denounced a court who allegedly stole some belongings from Octavio when he died last weekend.

According to the messages that accompanied the photograph, the object would be a gold chain that the actor always wore and they did not hesitate to throw harsh words at the uniformed woman.

“She is starving, murderous, shoplifter, he kept a slave that my brother always wore. One more proof that they are pigs, murderers and we are going to reach the last consequences ”, was what Bertha wrote.

Now, with new information from the Gossip No Like program, they presented what would be the Facebook profile of the one who would be involved in the robbery And not only that, but they point to her as the author of the video in which Octavio is seen snorting cocaine.

The agent named #LeslyMonroy He shared the video on his Facebook account where the actor is supposedly inhaling an illicit substance, for which several Internet users described this act as malicious, pointing out that he was responsible for having leaked it ”, mentions the post published by Javier Ceriani.

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“Too bad that the father did not know in what steps his son was walking,” he described Lesly in the recording that he had in his possession because He would also have stolen the actor’s cell phone.

Given this, the police have received attacks from Octavio Ocaña’s fans, but she decided not to remain silent and has responded to the accusations.

“I am not going to close my account, since I have nothing to hide”, “Now it turns out that I am the one who took the cell phone and the chain”, “And if I have the cell phone and its chain, you already know where I am and where work, don’t talk just to talk ”were some of his controversial responses.

It was on October 30 when Octavio, 22 years old and who played “Benito Rivers” in the Televisa series “Neighbors”, lost his life due to a shot in the head that he gave himself when he collided with his pickup truck.

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