Tuesday, September 21

They impose 50 years in prison on a trafficking network that subjected its victims with voodoo

The Audience of Alicante has sentenced to sentences that add up to more than 50 years in prison to one Nigerian prostitution ring who subjected his victims with rituals of vudú, sAccording to the sentence to which this newspaper has had access. The ruling considers it proven that the defendants deceived the victims to Spain in 2014 since Nigeria with the promise of finding them a good job and once in the country they found that they had to engage in prostitution to pay off the debt of 36,000 euros they had contracted for travel expenses. An amount that the court itself considers “disproportionate to the real cost of the transfer.” The two protected witnesses who exposed the operation of this group ended up working in brothels near Benidorm.

They impose 50 years in prison on a trafficking network that subjected its victims with voodoo

The head of the network, Osas B. alias Stanley, He also forced them to have sexual relations with him, which is why he received the highest sentence: 28 years in prison for crimes of trafficking in human beings, prostitution, illegal immigration and sexual abuse. His girlfriend has been sentenced to eight years and seven months for taking charge of the sexual exploitation of the victims.

Two other of the defendants, who were in charge of controlling the women, pleaded guilty and have been sentenced to two years in prison. The ruling also imposes two sentences nine months in prison on each of the owners of the two brothels in which the women were found, considering it proven that they were aware of their situation. Both also pleaded guilty at trial. One of the clubs is the Mesalina of Finestrat, the same that was splashed in the case of the murder of the mayor of Polop; the other is the Chaplin de l’Alfàs del Pi. The two have compensated each of the two women with 25,000 euros.

The ruling considers it proven that the network took advantage of the precarious situation of the victims in Nigeria to promise them a good job in Spain. Before the trip, they participated in a voodoo ritual whereby they promised to return the money for the trip, not to report any member of the group to the Police, to obey in everything they were told and not to have bad intentions with the person who paid for the trip. If they did not comply, a curse would fall on them for which they would die, go crazy or any harm would happen to their relatives.

Two protected witnesses denounced that the leader also forced them to have sex with him


The two women came to Spain on different trips, crossing the Sahara desert on foot, embarking by boat in Libya to go to Italy, where they ended up in a refugee camp. Finally from there they ended up staying in the Benidorm apartment of the alleged leader from where they were transferred every day to practice prostitution in the two clubs “in marathon days,” says the ruling. The defendants kept the women’s earnings and they were subjected to absolute domination and control of their actions.


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