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They investigate the crossing of the patera in which the deceased girl known as ‘Nabody’ was traveling

The emergency services take care of the little

The emergency services take care of the little

The police are investigating what happened in the boat where The 24-month-old Malian girl, known as Nabody, was traveling initially, but in the end it turned out not to be his name. The little girl was revived in extremis on the asphalt of the Arguineguín pier, in Gran Canaria, last Tuesday night by two members of the Red Cross and died on Sunday in the Maternal and Child Hospital of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The boat in which he was traveling left Dakhla, in Morocco. The distance is about 240 miles of navigation, which usually takes around two days to reach the Islands, although on many occasions they are lost because the engine breaks or because the skippers have no experience. In this boat were 52 people: 29 women (one of them pregnant), 14 adult men and nine children. All the minors ended up in the hospital and several women.

The 24-month-old girl was traveling accompanied by a 13-year-old sister, who is hospitalized, but in a less serious situation, and by her mother, who also receives hospital care. Upon arrival they could not make him the police affiliation because the first thing was to save their lives. The police are already carrying out this work, from which it appears that the minor came with her mother and sister. Among the hypotheses of what happened in this boat it is considered that some adults could hoard the food, because it is not normal that in four days so many people have arrived in such poor health. The other minors admitted are better.

Twelve children and eight adults remain in the hospital, in addition to a man who is still in intensive care who arrived in the last two boats to Gran Canaria. Are already 19 migrants deceased so far in 2021. The Government Delegate to the Islands, Anselmo Pestana, He states that the Canarian route is the hardest that exists to Europe and it is known that there are people who are thrown into the sea during the journey.

Pestana had “hope” that the minor could come back, but it was not like that, and that “breaks the heart” and puts the accent on the immigration drama. The Red Cross nurse who treated this girl has lived this drama firsthand with the massive arrival of migrants to the Canary Islands -28,000 between last year and so far in 2021-. Paula Atochero starred in another dramatic episode in January. He cared for a mother traveling with two twins who arrived in a state of shock upon seeing that one of his sons, Alhassane, was thrown into the sea after he died. His twin sister, Awa, told him when they arrived because the mother, from Guinea, could not speak a word after suffering a serious anxiety attack when she saw her little boy die.

In the case of the two-year-old girl, known as Nabody, Paula Atochero from Madrid and Juan Miguel Vela from Zaragoza, both Red Cross nurses, revived the little girl when she arrived in cardiorespiratory arrest last Tuesday. The experience was hard, but they only thought about saving her. “When I saw the girl breathe, I breathed with her, it was a miracle,” recalled Paula. The images of Juan Miguel and Paula kneeling on the dock practicing the cardipulmonary breathing maneuver on the girl have been around the world. Upon learning of the death of the little girl, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, affirmed that it is a “knock on everyone’s conscience.” The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, describes it as “heartbreaking”.

Abián Montesdecoa, the pediatrician of the Canary Islands Health Service who cares for migrant minors, was the one who clarified that the deceased girl was not named Nabody and wants to emphasize that it is a situation that happens often. The day after rescuing Nabody’s boat, another boat arrived with a deceased man; his pregnant wife was on board. The identity of minors is usually reserved by legal duty. In addition, relatives wait for the news to arrive and watch, so if names are given without confirming identity, a painful situation can occur. Apparently there is another minor named Nabody but that’s fine. “In these days many small children have arrived who have required admission, sometimes not accompanied by their mothers. This has made it difficult to identify them and everyone has made speculations, naming the children without talking to their mothers, ”said the health professional in Cadena Ser.

The City Council waits for the judge’s order to bury the little girl

The City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is waiting for the court order to bury the little girl known as Nabody. “Generally, it is through the courts when the requirement is carried out in this type of burial,” they explain from the City Council. Yesterday they had not received any notification from the court. “In these cases, the mortal remains would be buried in the San Lázaro cemetery, with the City Council paying the cost of the transfer and burial, as occurs with any person without resources who dies in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria”, they specify. The girl died last Sunday after being revived in Arguineguín by two Red Cross nurses, when Salvamento Marítimo rescued the boat in which she was traveling, last Tuesday. The images and the news of his death have been especially harsh. Her mother and sister, also a minor, traveled on the boat and required hospitalization, hence a confusion with the name of the girl, who is not named Nabody.


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