Sunday, November 29

They investigate the mayor of Gent per La Vila for prevarication and falsification of document

The mayor of Gent per La Vila Pedro Alemany, on the left, with the mayor and Castiñeira.

The mayor of Gent per La Vila Pedro Alemany, on the left, with the mayor and Castiñeira.

The Civil Guard has investigated – previously accused – the mayor of Gent per La Vila, Pedro Alemany, as alleged perpetrator of two crimes of prevarication and forgery of a public document by which an illegal coupling of a private home to public lighting was supposedly authorized. For these events, the owner of the house, who is an “electrician who works in the City Hall,” has also been investigated as the alleged perpetrator of the fraud of electricity, according to the sources consulted by this newspaper.

The mayor who is part of the tripartite ruling in La Vila Joiosa He was not arrested, but had to appearr and give a statement as an under investigation for the aforementioned crimes before the Civil Guard, like the electrician.

The agents carried out the investigation after receiving the transfer of some proceedings opened by the Local Police because of the fraudulent connection of electricity. Sources close to the case explained to this newspaper that the electrician considered the alleged perpetrator of the fraud he made the councilor sign a document authorizing him to make the down payment. The document had a false verification security code (CSV) that corresponded to another letter from the Consistory, according to the same sources. However, this newspaper contacted the councilor to find out his version. Municipal sources indicated that “for the moment, no type of declaration will be made” about this issue.

The councilor of People for La Vila, who directs the councils of Urbanism and Integral Cycle of Water and Heritage, the part of public lighting and large projects on public roads, highways and rural roads, has been involved these days in the controversy that arose as a result of the elimination of the toponym “Villajoyosa” to keep only La Vila Joiosa as official. Thus, after the motion of the plenary session was withdrawn last Thursday by Compromís alleging that reports from the Generalitat were missing, the mayor of the nationalist formation, Josep Castiñeira, revealed on his social networks that what had really happened is that Alemany had changed judgment with your vote. That is, in September voted in favor of this motion to remove the place-name in Spanish and in full November I would have decided do not support this questionHence, the proposal was withdrawn from the plenary session. All this is added to the fact that three years ago, with the PSOE and the US in government, they also voted against it.

That decision to vary the vote would have caused a hole in the government team. The mayor of Compromís indicated in his social network that «the incomprehensible and irresponsible change of criteria 24 hours before the plenary session of Pedro Alemany ”would have been the reason for all the mess that took place in the plenary session. He went further and affirmed that “he will know what they have pressured him with, he has broken his word and loyalty with the rest of his colleagues, changing the meaning of his vote” in the motion of the official name that he “defended in the previous plenary session ». Alemany also did not comment yesterday on this matter.

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