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They neutralize the foreign command that assassinated the president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise


Four hit men are killed during the operation and six are arrested, including a US citizen. An uncertain period of struggle for power opens

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Two bodies inside a car 24 hours after Moise’s murder.REUTERS
  • Analysis The first assassination in Haiti in a century
  • Amrica Four alleged assassins of the president of Haiti dead and two arrested in Port-au-Prince

The Haitian police took a giant step to clarify the assassination of Jovenel Moise by besieging the alleged command of foreign mercenaries, hiding near the president’s home. After the first violent exchange of shots, the agents arrested six of the alleged killers, while four died during the confrontation.

The operation continued during the day, even in a video uploaded to social networks it is observed that a mob captured two foreigners and tied them with ropes in the Jaoulosie neighborhood for their transfer to the police station. Both were beaten and one of them showed a bloody chest. According to official sources at least six were already captured and four had lost their lives, but the harassment of assassins continued in other areas of the city.

‘The Washington Post’ confirmed that among the detainees are a US citizen and another with dual nationality. Another mob tried to seize the four bodies from the first confrontation, which were found inside a vehicle parked next to the Petion Ville police station. His goal was to burn the bodies in retaliation for the murder.

The authorities exhorted the population to hand over the suspects and not end their lives. “The president’s wife and children hope that justice will be done,” Claude Joseph, acting prime minister, demanded.

The sudden police operation alleviates in a certain way the strong tensions that the Caribbean country is experiencing in search of agreements to decide who will be the successor Moise’s interim and who will be his prime minister. The consensus solution, which is not final, places the prime minister Claude Joseph, leader who belongs to Moise’s group but was fired on Monday and remains in office, exercising a kind of interim presidency and the opposition Ariel Henry, appointed prime minister by Moise only 24 hours before his assassination and that he was scheduled to take office yesterday, as his counterweight to the head of the government.

The tensions between the two became evident after the assassination, when Joseph declared a state of siege and Henry criticized him, since he believes that Joseph has taken charge of the country and executed several decrees, including that the national duel will last for 15 days, when he can no longer be prime minister. The dismissed prime minister took advantage of the prevailing chaos to avail himself of article 149 of the Constitution and declare the continuity of the State.

“I don’t want to throw firewood, the country must be prevented from catching fire. I thank Joseph for the work he has done, but he is not prime minister, “said Henry, who had agreed with Moise that Joseph be part of his government.

“We are looking for an intermediate solution, if both parties become radicalized, we are going to have a big problem “, I revealed to EL MUNDO one of the international experts participating in the negotiations.

From Washington they have shown their support for the government, but have made it clear what their recipe for the future is: respect the electoral calendar, which provides for the first presidential round in September and the second presidential round and the legislative elections in November.

More doubts exist about when the referendum to change a semi-presidential constitution would be held, which has been shown insufficient in the face of the continuing political crisis in the Caribbean country. The interim government of Port-au-Prince has requested help from both the UN and the US.

They impersonated the DEA

The autopsy revealed by judicial sources confirms that the president was riddled with cold blood by the mercenaries, who posed as agents of the DEA (US Anti-Drug Unit). The corpse had at least 12 bullets, one of them went through the left eye, another through the forehead, two through the chest and three through the hip. The president was lying on his back.

His wife, the only injured in the attack, is out of danger after being evacuated to a Florida hospital. The mercenaries tied up the maid, while the two children of the couple hide in one of the bedrooms. The command had time to loot the president’s office and the couple’s bedroom.

“The president was assassinated for his ideas”, assured the government, which has no doubts that the country faces political assassination. Moise led a “battle” against various fortunes of the country and also maintained a strong confrontation with the Senate and with its president, Joseph Lambert.

“This heinous, barbaric and inhuman crime orchestrated by enemies of the nation and fervent supporters of chaos is the worst punishment that bloodthirsty retrogrades can inflict on our country, especially on the forgotten of the Republic,” lamented former Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe. .

Since Moise came to power in 2017, protests and complaints have become a daily routine. The violent repression Police forces also made him the object of criticism from international human rights organizations. “He had a lot of strong enemies at the local level because he was doing a lot of reforms,” ​​said Lauren Lamothe, another of the president’s former ministers.

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