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They order Broadway actors and staff to be vaccinated to return to the scene next September

There is very little left for Broadway Finally raise the curtains, in what will be another step forward in the recovery of New York City, after the dark months it left the COVID-19 pandemic. And given the increase in infections, due to the advance of the Delta variant, and joining the call for more New Yorkers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, the Broadway league next to the union ‘Actors Equity’, They agreed to create a safety protocol for the return to the scene: they will demand that actors, members of the staff behind the scenes and workers in the rooms, are vaccinated.

Although the great mass return will be for September, the play “Pass Over”, which has its own epidemiologist, will open earlier his season, this August 4.

In your ad, the Broadway League He warned that the casts will follow the same guidelines that are currently available to the public, that once the curtain rises, they will have to present proof of complete vaccination and wear masks to be able to attend musicals such as The Lion King, Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, and other classics that will return to the tables between September and October.

The 41 theaters that make up the Broadway artistic district they will require that the spectators, the artists and the backstage team have been fully immunized and for now the rule will remain in effect until at least October, if there is no progress in the infections, unless there are new health guidelines given by the City and the State.

Despite his announcement, the Broadway league He cautioned that there will only be a few exceptions to that order, such as people with a medical condition or a closed religious belief that prevents vaccination. In the case of children under 12 years old, they will be able to attend the works with a recent negative coronavirus test, but not in places like the Metropolitan Opera and the famous Carnegie Hall, that will require vaccinations and prohibit entry to children under 12 who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated.

“From day one we said that we want our casts, teams and audiences to be safe, and we believe this is a precaution to ensure that,” he said. Charlotte St. Martin, president of the Broadway League.

“Since vaccination has proven to be the most effective way to stay healthy and reduce transmission, I am pleased that theater owners have decided to implement these collective safety measures in all of our Broadway homes. A uniform policy in all theaters of New York City Broadway it simplifies things for our audience and should give our guests even more confidence that Broadway is taking public safety seriously, ”he added.

Another detail is that each production must have a COVID-19 safety manager that will monitor strict compliance with all protocols, as well as monitor eventual symptoms among the members of the companies. Likewise, inside the theaters, wardrobe personnel, make-up artists and hairdressing personnel must wear masks, regardless of being vaccinated.

“This is an important milestone on the road to getting all of our members back to work safely,” dijo Mary McColl, executive director of Actors ’Equity. “We are grateful to the League for its partnership in these protocols. We all feel this plan is robust, adaptable to changing conditions, and in line with science. Vaccines work, and those who are vaccinated will protect both themselves and those who cannot at this time. “

They order Broadway actors and staff to get vaccinated to return to the scene

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