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They plan a transgender and multiracial remake of the Harry Potter movies


The idea was presented this week by some producers in the United States who, at least for the moment, do not have the consent of the author JK Rowling

Rupert Grint, Emma Watson y Daniel Radcliffe.
Rupert Grint, Emma Watson y Daniel Radcliffe.
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  • Polmica JK Rowling, besieged by the woke culture after the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter

Creatures of all shapes and colors abound in the magical world of Harry Potter, but for critics of JK Rowling and her fantasy universe, the variety of characters in terms of gender identity, race, or sexual orientation is conspicuous by its absence. . That is why, after the controversy that has engulfed the public image of the writer for referring to the “women” What “people who menstruate“, there are those who have already raised a serious project to carry out a reissue of the films of the saga from a more inclusive point of view.

The idea was presented this week by some producers in the United States who, at least for the moment, do not have Rowling’s consent to commercialize or alter the universe that she herself created more than 20 years ago. Still, the idea is that this new version of the movies, which will be released in the form of web series, It begins to be recorded between June and July of this same year, and for the moment not only is part of the script already known, since Harry will not be the protagonist, but the requirements that are requested to be able to appear at the casting have also been appearing.

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for the role of James Potter, for example, an actor is asked “Asian, Black, African Descent, Ethnically Ambiguous, Multiracial, Indigenous, Latino, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Indian, or Pacific Islander.” For that of Lily Evans, that is, that of the mother of the ‘boy who survived’, it is enough that it be someone “not in accordance with gender conventions, non-binary or female transgender”.

The same goes for other roles like Sirius Black, who can’t be played by a white actor, for example. Remus Lupine may no longer have to be a man, although they are not mutually exclusive in this regard, but Peter Pettigrew, the Weasleys’ ‘animagus’-turned-house-rat, I know he should be played by a human. “gender non-conforming, non-binary or male transgender”.

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint y Emma Watson.
Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint y Emma Watson.

Although a response is expected in court from Rowling, not only creator of the universe, but also owner of the rights to everything that has to do with the brand ‘Harry Potter‘, the producers are dead serious and have already hired a famous casting agent in Los Angeles. “We try to reflect the diversity that exists within the fan community in the characters they love so much, so that there are people of all colors, that there are plots queer Y that we also see people of different religions,” says Megan Mckelli, video producer at TikTok and one of the people behind the project.

Quidditch also abandons Rowling

The criticism against JK Rowling began in June 2020 after the writer claimed that the concept of “woman” was not diluted by using expressions such as “person who menstruates”. His statements provoked a wave of pressure against him, endorsed even by actors such as Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger,) who decided to distance themselves from her. Since then the controversy, far from cooling down, has been multiplying within the community that makes up the fans of the community, also called potterheads.

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Recently Rowling had to go to the police complaining that some critics had gone to her residence in Edinburgh and that they had published a photograph on social networks where the writer’s address was clearly visible. She, within this climate of pressure against her, argued that this could encourage harassment against his person. The Scottish Police, however, has just confirmed that no act constituting a crime occurred.

However, it is not only the actors and the fans themselves who have positioned themselves against Rowling in this matter, but a month ago three Quidditch organizations in the United Kingdom and the United States decided to change the name of the sport to distance themselves from her. , although they have not yet chosen one definitively. Quidditch, which is a sport practiced by the wizards of the saga mounted on flying brooms chasing enchanted balls, stop being called that not only for an ethical reason, but also an economic one, because the brand ‘Quidditch‘, owned by Warner Studios, limited sport in raising revenue by establishing sponsorships.

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