Friday, November 26

They publish some supposed photos of the missing Chinese tennis player, Peng Shuai

Some alleged images of tennis player Peng Shuai posted on social media by a journalist affiliated with the Chinese Government they raised new suspicions today on the player’s whereabouts.

It’s about the first images that appear of the tennis player since concern about his disappearance began to grow more than two weeks ago, although it is impossible to determine when and where they were taken the pictures.

In the images, retweeted by journalist Shen Shiwei of the CGTN state network, you can see the tennis player surrounded by stuffed animals wishing a “happy weekend” through the social network Wechat.

The WTA, which claimed “verifiable evidence” that the player is safe, has not yet been pronounced about these images.

The former number one in the world in doubles is missing since last November 2 accuse former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli of sexually abuse her.

Also the ATP, through its president Andrea Gaudenzi, pointed out on Friday that the tennis player safety is the priority right now and that it is “vital” that there is some direct contact with her.

Previously, the CGTN television network sent another alleged statement from the tennis player in which she denied the abuses and assured that he was fine.

Both the WTA and other organizations such as Amnesty International and the HE-HER-IT have questioned the veracity of that statement.

For his part, the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian said on Friday that he knew “nothing” of the case and that, in any case, “it is not a diplomatic matter.”

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Earlier this month, Peng, 35 years old and current number 189 in the world, claimed through her Weibo social network profile that 75-year-old Zhang had sexually abused her, in a post that disappeared from the internet twenty minutes later.

Peng led the world doubles rankings in 2012 and won Wimbledon and Roland Garros, which led her to the pinnacle of tennis in her country.

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