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They rape and torture a 14-year-old girl as revenge for breaking an electronic cigarette

A broken electronic cigarette motivated a cruel revenge that has shocked Poland. A 14-year-old girl suffered rape, torture and degrading treatment as punishment for refusing to repair another teenager’s burner, which cost 20 zlotys, just over four euros; according to the Polish newspaper Wyborcza.

Everything was devised by the mother of the owner of the electronic cigarette. Paulina K., 39, with four teenagers, kidnapped the victim in broad daylight, during the afternoon of July 22. They forced the teenager into a BMW and took her to a secluded place to proceed with the punishment.

On the way, they stopped to buy a razor that they used to shave his head and shave his eyebrows. They burned her with cigarettes, putting them out on her skin. They stripped her. A 17-year-old male, Alan O. raped her while Paulina K. was recording with her mobile. According to the Police, both acted jointly in the commission of the crime.

Prison sentences of up to 15 years and juvenile court

They both face prison sentences of up to 15 years in prison. The rest of the participants, two girls aged 13 and 14 and a boy also 14, will be brought before a juvenile court, which does not impose sanctions but rather re-educational measures.

The rapid action of the Police prevented the girl’s hell, which lasted an hour and a half, from extending

Only the rapid action of the Police brought about the end of the hour and a half of hell suffered by the victim. It was his mother who gave the notice after witnessing the kidnapping.

In the course of investigations it was discovered that the motive for the crimes was to get revenge on the victim for refusing to repair the e-cigarette, owned by one of the accused teenagers, daughter of Paulina K. The price of the arrangement is a ridiculous amount: it does not exceed 20 zlotys, about 4.24 euros at current exchange rates. Insults have also been discovered on social networks from the victim towards the teenager.

Commotion in the city of Poznan

The cruelty of the crime has shocked the entire population of Poznan, a city of half a million inhabitants, where the events occurred. The Prosecutor in the case has stated that “He does not remember such dehumanized treatment” in his twenty-year career professional.

The investigation has indicated that it was a 39-year-old woman who devised everything as revenge for not repairing the electronic cigarette

The alleged rapist, Alan O., testified that he regrets what happened and has expressed his intention to ask for forgiveness to the victim. For her part, the only adult who participated, Pauline K., minimized her role in all the events. However, the Police pointed out that she was the one who instigated the kidnapping, rape and torture.

In addition to being the mother of one of the adolescents who participated in the events, she has two other children, ages 7 and 16. The two youngest have been taken to juvenile centers, while the oldest is with other relatives. The intention of the Prosecutor’s Office is to remove him from custodynot only because of the foreseeable time that she will spend in prison, but also because the ideation and commission of the crimes of which she is accused make her incapable of exercising parental authority.

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