Saturday, November 27

They release a Dominican presenter detained in Operation Falcón against drug trafficking

The drug trafficking network in the Dominican Republic trafficked drugs to Puerto Rico, the United States and Europe.


The model and television presenter Dianabel Gómez is not on the list of defendants as a result of the Operation Falcón against drug trafficking in the Dominican Republic.

Although Gomez was arrested, authorities have not officially filed charges against her.

At the moment, there are 21 defendants after the raids carried out in Santiago. The Prosecutor’s Office requested 18 months of preventive detention against the defendants, according to the report from Noticias Sin this Friday.

Today, the Public Ministry also asked the judge of the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services of Santiago to declare a “complex case.”

Since 2012, the organized crime network trafficked at least 2,500 kilos of cocaine weekly and came to accumulate money laundering investments for at least 10,000 million pesos.

Drug trafficking to Europe, the US and Puerto Rico

Prosecutors allege that the group trafficked hundreds of thousands of kilos of drugs to Europe, the United States and Puerto Rico, and mobilized more than $ 500 million dollars as a result of that criminal activity.

“Between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico approximately 8,500 kilos of cocaine were seized, which shows the climate of impunity in which they carried out their criminal operations ”, indicates the request for coercion presented by the prosecutors.

The defendants were identified as: María Olimpia Tavares Rodríguez (Oli and / or La Princesa), Juan Maldonado Castro (Marcial and / or El Líder), Víctor Elpidio Altagracia Paulino Herrera (El Gordo), Luis Daniel Nieves Batista, Adolfo Antonio Torres Sanabia (Tony and / or President), Julio César Jiménez Talavera (Venezuelan Dominican) and Juan Bautista Carpio Reynoso.

In addition, José Alejandro de la Cruz Morales, Omar (La Moña), Raúl Antonio Castro Mota, Yana Iris Maldonado Castro, Angélica María Maldonado Peralta, Lenin Bladimir Torres Bueno, Marisol López Ceballos, Delfina Asunción Polanco, Ana Margarita Collado Marte, were accused. Erich Fernando Meléndez Gómez, José Miguel Castillo Taveras (Migue), Elva Teresa Polanco, Juan Carlos Durán Rodríguez, Javier Antonio Tavares Rodríguez and Felipe Espino Germán.

They release Dianabel Gómez

In the case of the presenter, she was released today, as confirmed by her lawyer Enrique Santelises to Hoy.

Gomez was arrested Wednesday as a result of the sentimental relationship he had with one of the defendants in Operation Falcón.

Santelises indicated that although she was released, her client must appear before the Public Ministry as often as required as part of the investigation.

The lawyer also told CDN that the communicator has been separated from the suspect for months.

“Dianabel seven or eight months ago had a relationship with a person who owned a dealer, but they have not been together for more than six months,” alleged the legal representative.

In passing, he questioned the authorities’ refusal to meet with Gómez due to an alleged institutional protocol.

“To all the lawyers of those involved in Operation Falcón they forbade us to see our clients, that is unusual, “denounced the lawyer.

The raids were carried out by the National Drug Control Directorate and the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic in Santiago.

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