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They reopen the case of the crime of Manuel Salgado, shot dead 17 years ago in Vigo

Seventeen years later, this case could leave the file of files unsolved. And it is that the Court of Instruction 4 of Vigo has decided to reopen the case for the practice of proceedings that were not carried out at the time. To preserve the progress of the investigation, the head of the investigating body, Judge Juan Carlos Carballal, declared the summary secret.

Behind this reopening is also part of the family of Manuel Salgado, who They have been fighting for months so that the procedure does not prescribe. To do this, they have held meetings with the National Police to find out the scope that new tests or testimony could have. Several dozen were proposed. This resulted in a meeting between members of the Homicide group from the Madrid Police Station and the Vigo Police Station with the judge last week. And in view of the result, both parties have seen it possible that the practice of new proceedings could shed light on one of the unsolved crimes in the city.

His ex-wife and her partner were investigated but filed against them


As the proceedings are under summary secret, it is unknown what the tests to be practiced and, most importantly, if they will be directed towards the only ones investigated so far in the case: his ex-wife, who was the director of a charter school in Mos, and the one who was his partner at the time. Both were arrested on the day of the crime, but released.

The judge, in her filing order, acknowledged that although there were indications “highly suspicious to link the death by firearm of Manuel Salgado to the bad relationship” of the victim with his ex and her partner, such as “ordered follow-ups for them “,” causes “and” motives “,” there is no objective proof of charge that allows the formalization of the charges with respect to the two defendants. ”

First because both provided alibis for the hours in which the crime occurred –Between 08.15 and 08.50– and second, because no biological trace found at the crime scene matched them. What was collected from the garage where Manuel Salgado died? The Police found two 22 caliber cartridges, three cigarette butts (two from the Ducados brand and more from Kruger), a chewed gum and several footprints that did not correspond to those investigated.

That they had not taken anything from the victim beyond his cell phone and the car keys ruled out the hypothesis of a casual assault by a thief. The Police confirmed a clear “premeditation”. The piece that confirmed the thesis that the crime had been planned, possibly on request, was given by a user of the garage in which Salgado was murdered, who found a week before the crime a cartridge that was revealed to be also of caliber 22 and of the same weapon with which they killed the man from Vigo: they had tried to kill him days before.

Threats of death

This together with the statements of friends and family endorsing that Manuel felt threatened – “My life has an expiration date, like a yogurt,” Salgado would have assured a close friend – who was being “watched and followed” and who lived with “fear”, inclined the investigations towards the person with whom he had a bad relationship, even going so far as to cross numerous complaints “for death threats and various altercations”: his ex-wife.

The relationship with the then director of the Mosense school was problematic, as with her children, so much so that at the time of the crime, Salgado resided with his sister and his nephews – promoters of the reopening – in San Juan del Monte. They maintained from the beginning the fight so that the crime was solved, arriving in their day to put up posters in Vigo offering rewards to whoever could provide “evidence” that would allow justice in this case.

Several sentences as a possible motive for the crime

Two facts were essential to investigate the ex-wife and her partner: a 2001 sentence in which the woman was convicted of wiretapping made by a private detective agency and a civil litigation resolved by final judgment weeks before the crime, in which it was sentenced to return to her ex-husband some large assets that she had received through a notarial deed of sale.

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