Wednesday, December 8

They shoot a journalist in Mexico

The police, at the scene of the murder.

The police, at the scene of the murder.

Journalist Manuel Gonzalez Reyes, director of the digital medium ‘Portal Morelos’, was shot dead this Tuesday in the city of Cuernavaca, capital of the state of Morelos, central Mexico, according to the authorities.

In a statement, the Morelos State Attorney General’s Office indicated that at 4:37 p.m. (9:37 p.m. GMT) through the Coordination, Command, Control, Communication and Computing Center (C-5), a person injured by gunshots was reported. firearm in the colonial (neighborhood) Miraval, in Cuernavaca. The place was attended by agents of the State Public Security Commission (CES) and paramedics from the Red Cross who confirmed the man without life.

Subsequently, agents from the Specialized Crime Scene Unit and the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), went to the scene to remove the body of the person who was identified as Manuel ‘N’, whom local media identified as Manuel González Reyes . They indicated that among his belongings a credential was found that accredited him as a worker of the electronic medium ‘Portal Morelos’ and that he presented injuries caused by a firearm at the height of the cephalic limb (skull and face). “At the moment No information is available that refers to the number of people participating in the aggression, and at least one person would have operated a firearm at close range against him to immediately flee apparently towards the neighborhood (neighborhood) Patios de la Estación, “said the Prosecutor’s Office. Experts on the matter and investigating agents carried out the search and collection of indications that allow the identification of the alleged perpetrators, and it will be during the autopsy of the law that the mechanics of the facts are established.

Meanwhile, the Article 19 organization reported that it is documenting the murder of Gonzales Reyes and said that according to public information, the journalist was killed by two unknown subjects on a motorcycle, in the city of Cuernavaca. The organization noted that in addition to his media outlet on Facebook, where he published information on local politics since 2017, he also participated in the last electoral process as a candidate for mayor of Emiliano Zapata. He also called on the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office to adhere to the approved protocol for investigating crimes against freedom of expression, and asked that “journalistic work be considered as one of the axes for the investigation of the fact.”

Mexico is one of the most violent countries in the world for the journalistic union and every year there are numerous murders, attacks and intimidations against the press by organized crime and authorities. According to Article 19, a total of 142 journalists have been killed since 2000 possibly related to your work. Of these, 22 occurred during the term of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who assumed power on December 1, 2018. But, according to the Mexican Ministry of the Interior, the figure would be even higher, as it ensures that more than 40 journalists they have been assassinated during the López Obrador government.

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