Saturday, May 28

They show the moment when a police officer runs with the Hispanic girl shot in Times Square

A shocking video from the police body camera Alyssa Vogel shows the heroic moment he saved the Hispanic girl’s life Skye Martinez, who was shot in Times Square on Saturday.

The images were released Monday by the NYPD and they show Vogel running through the crime scene with the bleeding four-year-old. In the video, passersby are seen shocked and terrified by the shots that rocked the place.

The officer is the mother of a six-month-old baby. Instinctively he grabbed Skye and ran down Broadway to the ambulance.

The girl was taken to Bellevue hospital and fortunately he is out of danger.

“I told the girl to breathe and that everything would be fine”said the police, recalling that they also tried to comfort the girl’s mother.

“I tried to keep them calm, because it was obviously a scary situation.”, He said.

The suspect goes by the name of Farrakhan Muhammad, a seller of illegal CDs who would have gotten into a problem with his brother and other men and whom he tried to kill.

Bloody week in New York

Gun violence in New York continues to rise and, following the broad daylight shooting in Times Square attributed to a dispute this Saturday, the weekly number of victims of this type of event doubled those of the same dates last year, from according to the local Police.

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Authorities recorded 36 shootings that left 43 victims last week, more than double compared to the same period last year, coinciding with the dates when a wave of violence began in the city in parallel to the coronavirus crisis.

The shooting of Times Square injured three pedestrians, including a 4-year-old girl, and has sparked a cross-talk between policy makers, law enforcement agencies and aspiring mayors about the causes of the growing gun violence and its possible solution.

Only the month of April there 149 incidents of gun violence in the Big Apple, practically triple than in that section of 2020, and there are already 451 since the beginning of the year, 86% more year-on-year, alarming figures for a summer in which a return of tourism is expected to reactivate the economy.

The mayor, Bill de Blasio, defended today that New York is “an overwhelmingly safe city”, but acknowledged that the economic “return” depends on that security and assured that the police presence in the Times Square area and others will be reinforced. points.

“We need better laws to curb the flow of weapons in this country but for years we have lowered gun violence by working with communities and much of it has been disrupted by the global pandemic. The answer is to bring jobs, activities and refine police strategies “, he pointed.

The Chief of the New York Police, Dermot Shea, assured in a press conference that the Corps has been seizing weapons “at an alarming rate for the last two years” and attributed it to “bad policies.”

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Aspiring mayors have taken the opportunity to offer their ideas, such as Andrew Yang or Ray McGuire, who are committed to providing more funds or increasing the police force, which last year saw their budget cut by 1,000 million dollars, while others such as Maya Wiley or Dianne Morales They seek a greater financial cut to the Corps.

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