Thursday, September 23

They tell Karol G about everything and demand respect for Mexican music: she has been silent for days

Karol G is receiving endless criticism for his musical performance in Youth Awards. Accompanied by marichi she sang “200 cups” and also sang live. While it is true, many of his followers applaud that he dares to try new genres. It is also true that many are launching strong criticism because at the end of the song he said: “HDP”, while still on the air.

The signs tell you that this vocabulary is not typical of vernacular music. They are telling him that singing reggaeton is not the same as singing with mariachi. They are demanding respect from you.

Precisely in the video shared by YouTube of his presentation you can read these kinds of comments: “The accent is very important, it is not the same to sing reggaetón as a ranchera”, “To sing mariachi if you have to know how to sing, there is no Autotune that is worth it “,” Carol lacks a lot to reach the mariachi, but keep trying “,” The mariachi was too big for the poor reggaeton, sooo big that Pepe Aguilar would think of this pig, especially because of the rudeness that put this aforementioned “,” So that they see that singing reggaetón is not the same as another genre, they value other artists of another genre very much that they exploit talent a thousand “,” This genre is not given to just anyone, but applaud because I do not a ** bó ”.

One of the celebrities who made him see much of what the public is saying was Noelia herself. Who took her social networks, Instagram, to congratulate her on her career, for her success and even urged her to continue on the path of empowerment, but also asked her to respect Mexican culture and music.

At the moment the reason is unknown, but Noelia deleted her comment against Karol G, but these were her words for the Colombian:

“Nothing more beautiful than seeing a young girl like Karol succeed …” Been there. Donate that ”. It is the maximum! But nothing is sadder than winning on the right, and on the Left splashing mud with something that is sacred. I applaud your success standing up, but I condemn the lack of respect for the vernacular music of Mexico, my in-laws. All the pillars of ranchera and mariachi music are outraged. Use that to get it right, with respect and you grow even more. Because that was not good, maybe for those who do not understand it is cool, but for those who defend that genre day by day, that is not pleasant. Nobody uses foul phrases like ‘HDP’ on national television and even less singing with marichi … What a barbarity! You can do better. Do it without mud. Respect above all ”.

Given the above, for now, Karol G, is silent. His last publication on Instagram is five days ago and corresponds to his night at Premios Juventud, the day the controversy broke out.

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