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They tell Karol G that Anuel AA does not like her last photo showing the most intimate side of her bust

Karol G on stage and in the arms of Anuel AA, when they were still dating in 2019.

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Karol G has dHe has been on his most daring side on Instagram. Before, she let the transparencies of her clothes show her most intimate curves. This has gradually been changing. Now she is not being so discreet, and has chosen to leave less to the imagination.

On September 16, more than four million people liked a fiery image of the Colombian. She was dressed in white. She was wearing a dress with a lace neckline. She was not wearing a bra. Due to this, one of her breasts was exposed in front of the camera. Karol G goes out there showing the most intimate side of her bust.

In the midst of the millions of likes, the following comment slipped in: “Mor anuel doesn’t like this photo.” 2022 “liked” this message. Which also received 71 responses. Fans of the “baby” came out in her total defense, arguing that she was free to do whatever she wanted. They are no longer dating. They have stopped being a couple. “She is not here to please any guy, it is her life and her decision to do what she wants,” said one of the messages.

In other messages, there were those who said: “You are beautiful and talented. What I don’t understand is why now they have to show everything ”. 1095 people agreed, giving it that many “likes”. 191 decided to comment on it, agreeing or dissatisfied with this way of thinking.

Recently, in an interview. Mexican singer Paquita la del Barrio spoke about this tendency of some singers to show their bodies. Without criticizing them in an offensive way, the interpreter shared her opinion saying: “They do not have to teach as much or catch up with men to gain fame, well, better than better, double profit“.

It should be noted that it seems that Karol G has realized that many of her fans are really delighted to see more of the skin of her curves, and now that is why she also boasts more daring bikinis, which always give a lot to talk about.

Regarding his relationship ended with Anuel AA, it must be said that Karol G will have put an end to this chapter of his life. But this has not led her to eliminate their photographs together, as Jennifer López has done, which practically eliminated much of the presence of Alex Rodríguez. Few publications have survived. Some seem to have managed to stay because they make up some advertising agreement, and in others it seems that it is out of consideration for those who appear there. Or maybe you didn’t want the change or removal to be so abrupt. Who knows? The point is that she did delete her photos with A Rod, while “Baby” did not.

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