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They think they have discovered why the Apple mouse is loaded upside down

Why is the charging port for Apple’s official mouse, the Magic Mouse 2, located on the bottom?

Apple is world famous for the careful design and premium quality of its products. It’s one of the reasons they cost more than others, and people are willing to pay that extra just to show off Apple.

That’s why nobody explains (Apple hasn’t done it either) why the charging port for Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 is located on the bottom.

This forces the user to flip the mouse over, face up while it charges, so can not be used. Other battery-powered mice do allow you to use them while recharging.

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It seems like a strange decision, coming from Apple, because it is not logical to put the charger in the base and have to turn the mouse over to charge it, supporting all the weight on the buttons and the case of the mouse itself.

No one knows why Apple has made this decision, and the company itself has never explained why it has done so. And he’s had years to change it: while the first Magic Mouse ran on rechargeable batteries, the battery-powered Magic Mouse 2 was released in 2015. If it were a design limitation, surely Apple would renew the mouse in these 7 years.

The YouTube channel Unnecessary Inventions has been looking for a way to use apple mouse while chargingand that is how, by chance, he has discovered why the mouse loads upside down:

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This youtuber has devised a kind of wheel loaderwhich allows the mouse to be flipped over and used while charging.

With a 3D printer and some iron balls, you have solved the problem. As we see in the video, the invention is somewhat crude, but functional, because the metal balls allow the mouse to be moved while it is charging, and the laser remains on when this adapter is inserted.

But the surprise comes when connecting the charging cable to a USB port on the Mac, to start the recharge: when the mouse is charging, the optical mouse pointer stops working.

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This youtuber concludes that The reason Apple loads the mouse upside down is because that way users can’t use it.and therefore they will not complain that it does not work while charging.

Although there are others who think that it is just the opposite: since the charging port is in the base and the mouse cannot be used, Apple has disabled the optical pointer during recharging.

Be it one reason or another, it seems that the fact that the mouse does not work while charging has influenced the placement of the charging port. But that gives rise to another big mystery: why can’t the Magic Mouse work while recharging, but the Magic Keyboard or Magic Trackpad do?

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