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They used IDs taken from fake job offers and vacation rentals and scammed more than 1,600 people

Dismantled a gang that used IDs from false job and rental offers to carry out more than 1,600 scams

Dismantled a gang that used IDs from false job and rental offers to carry out more than 1,600 scams

The National Police has dismantled a criminal organization that used the personal data of the victims, that they obtained fraudulently on the Internet with false job offers and vacation rental rentals, to carry out scams, clarifying more than 1,600 complaints, has informed the Higher Headquarters of the Madrid Police in a press release.

After more than two years of research, the operation has ended with the arrest of 21 people as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of fraud, document falsification, money laundering, usurpation of marital status and membership in a criminal organization.

The National Police have intervened multiple bank cards, phone cards from various companies, two high-end vehicles and around 75,000 euros in cash, in the three records made in San Fernando de Henares and Coslada, in Madrid.

‘modus operandi’

When the victims contacted the platforms to access a false jobThese provided the photographs of the front and back of the DNI. That document was later used to usurp his identity in order to open bank accounts in different entities.

They used these accounts to deposit income from rentals, also fraudulent. Quickly, they extracted the money through withdrawals at ATMs or transfers to foreign accounts. This method makes the real identification of the perpetrators of the events impossible, since the destination accounts of these scams are in the name of third parties who are unaware of their existence.

At first they contacted ‘mules’ so that they could open that account in person with the identity of another person in exchange for a consideration. Later this procedure was carried out ‘online’, which made the investigation more difficult.

Extensive knowledge in new technologies

The agents were able to verify that the authors had extensive knowledge of the new technologies using computer systems that allowed the anonymity of the interlocutors in your relationships on the Internet. This fact made the collection of digital evidence more complicated.

The organization had its operations center in Coslada and it had a perfectly delimited structure where each of the people who made it up carried out their tasks in a coordinated manner. Among them stood out the figures who directed this network, the capital collectors and the ‘mules’.

In addition, another person in the organization, in charge of a call shop, performed counterfeit functions. He had high computer skills and from the booth he ran, processed the contracting of a large number of telephone lines, providing fictitious identities or from usurpations. In addition, it was found that he was collaborating with the organization, contributing to money laundering.

The agents also verified the existence of a concessionaire that provided the director of the organization vehicles without having to do any paperwork, providing you with different cars and without changing their ownership. The investigation is currently open for the possible existence of more victims and implicated in these crimes.

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