Monday, January 25

They will impose sanctions on those who go to cities confined to see snow


The cold and snow storm in the province of Alicante, in images

The Security Forces they will sanction those who go to confined municipal terms to see the snow that brings the storm Filomena, as has already been verified in Alcoi and the interior of Alicante, as the Government Delegation in the Valencian Community has warned this Friday.

This has been stated by the Delegation after detecting that in the interior of the province of Alicante people have begun to come to visit towns after the snowfalls in recent days. Therefore, he has urged exercise extreme caution and has remarked that storm effects will continue in the next few hours.


In fact, for this Saturday coastal winds and strong waves are expected on the coast of the Valencian Community and Balearic Islands, as well as on the Galician and Asturian coasts, the Government Delegation has indicated in a statement.

On the other hand, he recalled that with the entry into force of the new restrictions and the confinement of 29 municipalities, people who go to confined cities to see the snow, as is the case of the municipal district of Alcoy, will be sanctioned.

Regarding the storm, the Delegation pointed out that the situation is “controlled” in the Valencian Community And from this Thursday the three sub-delegations of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia work in coordination with the rest of the administrations, Civil Guard and Red Cross to “guarantee security and avoid incidents”.

In relation to bagging on the A-31 at kilometer 187 towards MadridIn the municipality of Villena, the presence of some 300 vehicles, all heavy and over 3,500 kilograms, have been counted. To do this, an area has been set up in the Polígono Bulilla de Villena that has a capacity for about 2,500 vehicles.

In addition, the protocol with the Red Cross has been activated to verify the needs of the people who are in the place and to deliver food and drinks if necessary. This Friday at 10.30 am the traffic towards Valencia has opened.


The snow keeps 300 trucks blocked in Villena


Meanwhile, in the province of Castellón, from Thursday afternoon until the early hours of this Friday, various incidents have been registered, both in the area of ​​the A-23, especially in the port of Ragudo, in both directions and on the border with Teruel, and in the ports of Querol and Torremiró due to the intensity of the snowfalls.

In the regions of Castellón, there have been restrictions on the movement of heavy vehicles (yellow levels) and even passenger cars due to the requirement of chains (red level) in both inland north and south areas.

Heavy vehicle bagging has also been carried out, some of them significant, such as on the A-23, where up to 100 trucks have been located crossing Barracas towards Sagunt, and another 100 towards Teruel, in the Esperanza industrial estate in Segorbe . The drivers have been treated and patrols have been deployed to provide medication to those undergoing medical treatment.

From the early hours of this Friday, an evacuation convoy for the vehicles bagged in both directions has been established. Meanwhile, in the N-232 area there have been no significant pockets due to the low traffic registered.

In the province of Valencia, the majority of incidents have been registered on the A-3 due to the cutting of the highway for heavy vehicles due to the impossibility of passing from the province due to the effects of the storm Filomena.

The measure, underlines the Provincial Council, has been taken to prevent the collapse of this road in communities bordering the Valencian Community and that hundreds of trucks were trapped.

Specifically, the government sub-delegation in Valencia has contacted the transport employers’ association to request collaboration and that, as far as possible, the trucks stop circulating in the next few hours, return to their bases and do not start scheduled trips until the temporary forwards.

On the roads that run through the regions of Valencia, regular bagging and disbursement of trucks have been made to maintain the capacity of these areas. In addition, the demarcation of State Roads has increased resources from other sectors to reinforce cleaning on the A-3 in response to the forecast of a red meteorological level.

On January 6, before Filomena’s arrival, the Government Delegation deployed 53 snow plows from the Demarcation of Roads of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, 6,335 tons of salt and 1,003,000 liters of brine to deal with the snowfalls expected these days.

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