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Things get complicated for Cuomo with two more accusations of sexual harassment

Things get complicated for Cuomo with two more accusations of sexual harassment

Five women accuse Cuomo of harassment.

Photo: ANGELA WEISS / AFP / Getty Images

The governor Andrew Cuomo He faces a more complicated scenario with two additional accusations from women who point him out of sexual harassment, adding up to five possible victims.

The former press assistant Karen Hinton She said she endured a “very long, very long, very tight, very intimate hug” from the Democrat when they both sat in a dimly lit hotel room in Los Angeles in December 2000.

The report came from The Washington Post, to whom Hinton recounted the awkward moment and how he tried to pull away.

“He pushes me back for another intimate hug … I thought at that point it might lead to a kiss, it might lead to other things, so I walk away again and go.”, He said.

Back then, Cuomo headed the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In another report from The Wall Street Journal, Ana Liss, A policy and operations assistant who worked for the governor from 2013 to 2015, accused him of overshooting in Albany.

The governor reportedly touched Liss on the small of her back during an event, in addition to once kissing her hand and asking her if she was dating anyone.

“It’s not really appropriate in any setting.”Liss said.

Hinton and Aliss joined the accusations of the former assistant Lindsey Boylan, who said Cuomo surprisingly kissed her on the lips at the governor’s office in Manhattan; Charlotte Bennett, 25, who singled out the Democrat for suggesting a relationship, “being open to relationships with 20-year-old women,” and Anna Ruch, 33, who said Cuomo kissed her for no reason at a wedding, leaving her “confused, shocked and embarrassed.”

A source consulted by the Post, who worked with Cuomo several years ago, said the governor’s behavior created a “toxic environment” at work.

Peter Ajemian, Cuomo’s communications director, denied Hinton’s recent accusation.

“This did not happen,” he said. “Karen Hinton is a well-known antagonist of the governor who is trying to take advantage of this moment to score cheap points with fabricated accusations from 21 years ago”.

The scenario is complicated for Cuomo in the state Legislature before a possible impeachment and the investigation that the attorney general would lead Letitia James.

The Coalition of Gender Justice Organizations provides Attorney James with guidance on an impartial investigation of allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against Cuomo.

“Complaints of harassment or assault must be investigated through an impartial, fair and independent process,” they say. “The investigation must be carried out with an independent and transparent process that guarantees that the reporting party, the witnesses and the defendant are treated with dignity and respect.”


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