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Things that you now use daily and that will disappear in a few years

Let’s say goodbye to some of the following objects that we are going to present to you in this article. Technology is always advancing and how could it be otherwise, there are things that must be replaced.

This is so, there are things that little by little have been disappearing, such as music on cassette tapes, faxes or even reading printed magazines.

It is true that there are still remnants of what they once were, look at us and our magazine, but what its use is obviously more residual.

We recently reported that Apple announced the cessation of iPod production, so in 15 years there will most likely be only a handful left in operation.

Well, in this article, we’re going to delve into 7 more products you’re likely to stop seeing or using in 15 years, courtesy of our fellow Business Insiders.

1. Checkout lines at the supermarket

It seems a bit surreal but it’s true. And it is that, it is expected that in 15 years we will no longer find boxes through which we must go to pay for our products.

The idea that hides behind all this and that would replace the common way of doing it, is through a system of smart cameras that automatically add the charge to your account in the app. This is something that Amazon is experiencing with its Just Walk Out concept.

Carrefour is another of the large stores that is testing its Carrefour Flash system.

In this case and for the moment, it only works in Paris and is based on the use of a network of 60 HD cameras on the ceiling and more than 2,000 sensors embedded in the shelves to monitor the shopper as they move around the store and pick items from the shelves. In a payment terminal you will pay the cost.

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2. Wired charging

Another of the systems that is expected to disappear in 15 years in the recharging of any of our devices by cable. In addition, it is believed that even smartphones will no longer have the slot that allows it.

all these will be replaced by wireless charging. We will forget about all the cables that we have at home and we will only use one device on which to place our smartphone, for example, so that the charge is complete.

At an environmental level, of course, it is quite positive, since the manufacture of power adapters and, of course, cables will be eliminated.

3. House or car keys

The same will happen with these two elements. Everything will end up moving to the technological side. And it is that, It is not so bad for those of us who always leave our house keys in any bag or remember the number of times we have left them at home.

Well, its replacement is simple: smart locks that will allow us to open our house or car with the application of our mobiles.

This includes being able, for example, to open our houses to whoever we want without having to leave them the keys.

4. The delivery guys

This is something that although it seems that it will happen in the long term, we can already see robots on some streets replacing the well-known riders.

Some companies like Starship Enterprises along with Just Eat have already started testing these delivery robots that they use artificial intelligence in our favor and they deliver the food to us in no time. Some can already be found on the streets of London.

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Glovo, for its part, already presented its fully autonomous robotic version last December. It has already requested permission from the Madrid City Council to start operating in the Salamanca district of Madrid in 2022.

5. Official documents and cards in physical format

In this section we find the large documents that you always carry with you: ID, credit card, driving license…Well, as is already intuiting, these are going to disappear in their physical format.

Many, for example, already pay with their mobile phone. However, our ID is still necessary in physical format. This is something that is expected in a few years to be very few people who carry it in their wallets.

It sounds like a pretty good thing and it is, but Let’s hope our security is not compromised.

6. Pen drives and hard drives

They are already in total disuse although many of us are still using them.

Instead, cloud or online platforms come into play, that will house all our data or documents safely. Let’s hope they increase their capacity, since currently, if it is not paid for, we have a fairly fair storage space.

7. Mailboxes

Last but not least, we find these wonderful spaces that we have all known and used. well it is true that each time we receive fewer letters and less publicity since everything is being digitized, that is why what are they going to be used for then?

What we do not know is if we will end up seeing how they are removed from the streets or from our portals or if they will remain there forever as a souvenir.

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