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Third night of altercations in Catalonia in the protests over Pablo Hasél’s prison | Catalonia

The altercations have returned to the Catalan streets for the third consecutive night, in the context of the demonstrations to demand the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasél, imprisoned on Tuesday. In Barcelona, ​​some 500 people have gathered in front of the Department of the Interior, where they have started some launches at the police line. Subsequently, the protesters have continued down the Calle de Diputación, and have caused damage to the stained glass windows of El Periódico de Catalunya, which they have also painted. There are six detainees in Barcelona, ​​according to the Mossos d’Esquadra. In Valencia, the National Police have also charged against the protesters who were protesting in the city for the second day.

The riots in Barcelona began after the first barricades made with containers were lit in the center of the city, on Aragón street with Bailén. The Mossos have crossed over the fire, and some neighbors have also thrown water from the balconies. A journalist has set aside a car to prevent it from being burned. The Mossos have subsequently dispersed the people concentrated in the place, and the situation has spread through the streets of Eixample, with various points with incidents. A policeman has been injured by throwing stones inside the vehicle.

Photogallery: Third day of protests over the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél

The third night of protests has lost track in the Catalan capital. From 4,500 participants on Tuesday, to 1,700 on Wednesday and about 500 this Thursday, according to police sources. In Sabadell, the Catalan police have also reported incidents with “violent groups” that have thrown “eggs, fences and bottles” at the Mossos police line in front of the National Police station. They claim that there are also barricades with burning containers. In Tarragona, containers have also been burned on Avenida de Catalunya, which has been cut off in both directions.

In Tarragona, more than a hundred people have demonstrated in some streets of the city, responding to a call to protest the imprisonment of Hasél and against the police repression. The protesters have tried to block some streets using containers and have cut traffic on the A-7 highway, which serves as the city’s ring road. The most tense moments took place near the Catalunya campus of the Rovira i Virgili University when a young protester tried to climb onto the roof of a Guàrdia Urbana car. The vehicle has not stopped moving and the young man has fallen headlong to the ground. He has been bruised from the blow. Reports Marc Rovira.

In the first two days of demonstrations, 51 people have been arrested in Catalonia and 55 have been treated by health workers (31 of them mossos). The most serious case is that of a 19-year-old girl who has lost the vision in her eye due to an impact that the Catalan police are investigating if it is made of foam, the memory foam balls used by the Mossos. Today’s protest in the city is also against the police repression that they claim has been exercised by the Catalan police.

In Valencia, hundreds of people have gathered in the afternoon to show their support for the imprisoned rapper Pablo Hasél and reject the police charges that have occurred in several Spanish cities condemning his entry into prison. One of the congregants has read a speech from the mobile in which he has denounced the police repression and has warned: “If they want war, they will have war,” reports Efe. The concentrates have tried to march in a demonstration in the center of the Valencian capital but a strong police force has cut off their path. Then the charges of the agents began, the blows and the races through the streets surrounding the Plaza de San Agustín, where the protest was called.

Protesters have overturned containers, blocked streets and called out insults at the police. There are at least one injured and eight detainees. Young people and students predominated among the concentrates who demanded the freedom of the rapper. One of the concentrates threw the camera at a journalist from À Punt after arguing with the agents, his colleagues being the ones who separated from the police cordon.

The concentration, called by social networks by some nationalist and left-wing collectives and by social networks, under the slogan We are fed up (We are fed up), it began around seven in the afternoon with a strong police force to contain the hundreds of young people gathered in the center of the Valencian capital. On Tuesday there were also charges in the Valencian capital.

The persecutions have taken place in numerous streets. The officers hit the protesters with their police batons and fired volleys to drive them away. On occasions, they have aimed their blows at a group that had withdrawn from the maelstrom of protest. Guided from a helicopter, the agents have been evicting the dozens of young people from the center towards the old Turia riverbed that they have crossed to disperse towards other neighborhoods.

The altercations and police charges have provoked immediate reactions among the political parties and their representatives. While Compromís has denounced the “aggression” to the deputy Carles Esteve and Unides Podem has lamented the “bestiality” of the police, PP and Cs have shown their support for the security forces.

The mayor of València, Joan Ribó, from Compromís, stressed that “a disproportionate action by the national police does not increase security”, but rather “increases social tension for free”. The coalition has requested explanations from the Government delegate in the Valencian Community, the socialist Gloria Calero, before a management that they consider “at least very questionable”.

Unides Podem’s spokesperson, Pilar Lima, has criticized on Twitter that “the police have acted violently from the beginning.” “Many shots. We have experienced it in the first person. The mistreatment to which citizens are being subjected by the police under the orders of Gloria Calero is inadmissible. Take measures ”, he added, addressing the Government delegate in the Valencian Community.

Unides Podem and Compromís are part of the coalition government of the Valencian Generalitat, chaired by the socialist Ximo Puig.

The trustee of Citizens, Toni Cantó, has expressed his “support for all the police officers who, one more day, have to face these violent madmen.” “They serve the rule of law and protect us all. Strength and honor ”, he added.

The president of the PPCV, Isabel Bonig, has also shown her support for the security forces and has defended: “Right to protest, always. To violence, no. Never. When governments push the streets like this, what hurts is democracy. Today Valencia hurts us ”.

From the Vox parliamentary group, José María Llanos has denounced that “totalitarians encourage their puppies”.

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