Tuesday, March 9

Third night of riots and police charges in the protests of several cities in favor of Hasél

Barcelona protesters throw cobblestones at the Mossos.

Barcelona protesters throw cobblestones at the Mossos.

Some 300 protesters of the protest for the freedom of Pablo Hasél they have thrown stones and firecrackers against the Mossos d’Esquadra line this Thursday which protects the Ministry of the Interior of the Generalitat, in the Diputació street with Paseo de Sant Joan in Barcelona.

Those summoned have moved from Plaza Tetuán to the headquarters of the department directed by Miquel Sàmper, in the surroundings, and there they have thrown objects and ripped out cobblestones, until the Mossos have alerted by public address that they were going to act imminently.

Later they arrived at the headquarters of El Periódico de Catalunya, where they also threw stones at the windows, and have continued towards Aragó street, where they have crossed containers and set up barricades that have subsequently set fire and from where they have started throwing objects at the Mossos.

More riots in Valencia

Furthermore, la new concentration held this week in Valencia in support of rapper Pablo Hasél has passed with incidents between people who have tried to move from the place of the protest and the Police, which has returned to carry out loads, which have caused moments of tension.

Starting at 7:00 p.m. this Thursday, the Plaza de San Agustín de València has begun to fill with people gathered to show their support for the detained rapper and express their rejection of the police charges that occurred in several Spanish cities.

After reading a manifesto, they have lived moments of tension when some of the participants in the concentration have tried to leave the square led by a banner, at which time the police officers intervened to stop their advance and charged those people, to later form a police cordon that would prevent the protest from spreading through the surrounding streets.

A group of people have tried to move towards the streets near the MuVIM, where they have thrown a glass container and thrown bottles at the police. Some of them have dispersed while others have been stopped and placed against a wall by the officers.

Incidents have also occurred when the participants have reached Calle San Vicente, and the police officers have charged again against some people. Some protesters have pushed containers in the middle of the street. In addition, a person has been seen lying on the ground.

Tranquility in Vizcaya

In Barakaldo, Vizcaya, about 500 people have demonstrated in favor of the rapper and against his conviction.

The march began at half past seven in the afternoon in the Barakaldo Courts after a banner with the text “Pablo Hasél Askatu” (Freedom for Pablo Hasél). The participants have walked several streets of the city chanting slogans in defense of the rapper, asking that the prisoners go out “to the streets” and pointing out that “the fight is the only way”.

During the demonstration some containers have been crossed, -behavior that has been disfigured by some of the protesters- who have been withdrawn from the road by the Ertzaintza, without any incidents being recorded.

Around a quarter past eight in the afternoon, the route returned to the point of origin, where a spokesperson for the organizers took the floor to thank the participants and point out that Hasél has been jailed “not only for his messages against the monarchy, not only for defending his freedom of expression, but also for his communist militancy and coherence.”

Thus, has called for people to continue organizing and “fighting for the most basic rights and for these to be respected”. Likewise, he has indicated that in the streets of Barcelona and Madrid “an example is being given of where the road has to be”. “Here we have to become aware that the way forward is struggle and commitment,” he concluded between applause and shouts from those present who called for Hasél’s freedom.

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