Tuesday, November 24

Third night of riots in Logroño and León in protests against restrictions

Firefighters douse the flames in a container in Logroño.

Firefighters douse the flames in a container in Logroño.

Logroño Y Lion have experienced some riots on Sunday night starring, for the most part, groups of young people in protest against the restrictions imposed to prevent the advance of the coronavirus on the third night of incidents that have been registered in some cities in Spain since last Friday.

In the Riojan capital at least four people have been arrested for participating in the riots in which burned containers, while in the Leonese capital several dozen hooded youths alternated in the center of the city with the overturning of containers and caused vehicle damage no arrests have been reported.

Shortly after the incidents, the Government Delegation in La Rioja assured that the situation was under control in the center of Logroño after the burning of three containers in several streets after a call for a sit-in, through social networks, on the Paseo de The Spur.

The Police dispersed the different groups of young people who wanted to participate in the sit-in called in the vicinity of the headquarters of the Government Delegation and the regional Executive.

As a result of the disturbances that occurred in the same area the previous night, the Delegation had put in place a security device in anticipation of new disturbances of public order when it became aware of a new summons through social networks that had not been communicated.

Around 8:15 p.m. the Police had observed several groups, mostly young people, broken up along this walk that responded to characteristics similar to those that caused the altercations on Saturday night, in which some 150 radicals participated.

In El Espolón, according to data from the Delegation, some 40 people gathered on Sunday night, who, observing the presence and deployment of the police, marched through the adjacent streets.

The agents carried out identifications and made the four arrests, which join the eight previously made of young people between 15 and 24 years old.

In one of those streets near El Espolón, on Avenida de Portugal, a paper container burned tonight, causing intense smoke. Because of this, the Police asked the neighbors over the public address system to lower the blinds and not look out.

Also in Lion the call to protest against the restrictions had started this Sunday from social networks and the meeting place was in front of the Gaudí-Casa Botines Museum.

The concentrates were later dispersed throughout the city center, overturning fences and lighting flares that they threw to the pavement shouting “freedom“.

It has been produced minor damage to vehicles, fences have been overturned and deck chairs and tables have been thrown in Burgo Nuevo, Alcázar de Toledo street and those around the Plaza de la Inmaculada, as well as the overturning of containers in the vicinity of San Marcos, according to police sources.

Another group threw up the chairs of a terrace of an establishment located in front of the cathedralTherefore, some neighbors who passed by there reproached the young people for their behavior.

Agents of the National and Local Police established a device to contain the young people, and so far no arrests have been reported in the Leonese capital.

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