Saturday, April 20

Thirteen companies opt for the resurfacing of 32 streets in San Vicente

A total of 13 companies they have opted for contract for the resurfacing of 32 streets in San Vicente del Raspeig. This morning the economic offers of the mercantile companies that want to be awarded the service that have been put out to tender for 747.919,68 euros.

The streets that are resurfaced include the busiest and main ones, the avenue Ancha de Castelar, Avenida de la Libertad o la August street among other.

The bidding companies are Durantia Infraestructuras SA, Guerola Áridos y Hormigones SLU, Telmex Tecnológica General 21 SL, Tizor Hormigones y Asfaltados SL, Eiffage Infraestructuras SA, Mediterráneo de Obras y Asfaltos SA, CHM Obras e Infraestructuras SA, Aglomerados Los Serranos SA, Involucra SL , Pavasal Empresa Constructora SA, Empresa Constructora Aglomerados del Sureste SLU; and the business alliances formed by the UTE Elite – Conservaciones Viales and the UTE Edifesa – Collosa.

The contest includes the resurfacing of 32 streets throughout the municipal area, located both in the urban case of the city, as in some areas of the Haygón and Sol y Luz urbanizations; and the Boqueres, Raspeig and Torregroses games.

The Councilor for Recruitment, Guillerno García, explains that “work is being done with the greatest possible haste so that the procedures are progressing within the deadlines set for awarding the contract and that, in this way, the execution of the works begins”.

For its part, from the Department of Infrastructure, José Manuel Ferrándiz, highlights that “with this resurfacing, the access and circulation of vehicles throughout the municipality will be improved and some pavements that had suffered damage over time will be corrected.”

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Blasco Ibáñez street.

List of streets to be resurfaced

1. Calle Sierra Mariola, partial Calle Foncalent

2. Caroig Street

3. Cadernera Street

4. Sack bottom connecting with reel. Castalla

5. Intersec. C / San Pascual with C / Felipe Mallol.

6. Plaza Alcalde Felipe Mallol.

7. Calle Agost.

8. Avda Ancha de Castelar.

9. Avda La Libertad.

10. Jaime I Street

11. Calle Blasco Ibañez.

12. Bautista Aznar Street.

13-. Moraira street.

14-. Castalla Road

fifteen-. Lillo Juán Street.

16-. San Francisco Street.

17-. Campoamor Street

18-. Miguel Hernández Street

19-. Roble Street

20-. Calle Ficus

twenty-one-. Camino del Mahonés Street.

22-. Rio Duero street.

23-. Miño River Street.

24-. Calle El Sagrat.

25-. Walk of the Water Lilies

26-. Adelfas Walk

27-. Paseo de Los Clavales

28-. Paseo de la Malvarrosa

29-. Santa Isabel neighborhood.

30-. Camino Les Coves.

31.- W/ Bernabéu Penalva

32.- Valencia Street

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