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This can happen to your car because the shock absorbers are in poor condition

We must pay special attention if we notice abnormal wheel wear, that the car sometimes makes small jumps, there are oil leaks in the area or the vehicle loses stability and grip in certain situations.


Shock absorbers, as part of the vehicle’s suspension system along with tires and springs, are responsible for
keep the vehicle in permanent contact with the roadto. In general terms, they help us to gain grip on the road, improve stability in curves, reduce braking distance and make driving more comfortable by absorbing irregularities in the terrain. Therefore, keeping it in good condition is very important for proper braking while driving. “A single worn shock absorber can increase the braking distance by up to 2 meters, which differentiates safe braking from a possible accident,” they stress from
sernautothe Spanish association of automotive suppliers.

This increase in the braking distance is due to the fact that, when braking, due to the inertia of the speed and the weight of the vehicle, the worn shock absorbers do not stabilize the bodywork. This causes the tires to lose contact with the road and decreases traction and control, resulting in longer stopping distances. Generally speaking, with shock absorbers in poor condition,
braking distance increases up to 20%, depending on speed, vehicle systems and pavement. This distance can reach 6 meters at speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour.

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When should I change the shock absorbers? According
Midas, the best way to know the state of our shock absorbers is through the behavior of the car. If we notice abnormal wear on the wheels, that the car sometimes makes small jumps, there are oil leaks in the area or the vehicle loses stability and grip in certain situations, then we may be facing worn shock absorbers and it is necessary to change them.

The consequences of shock absorbers in poor condition is that, if they are not changed in time, we run the risk of the car’s tires losing grip on the road, cornering becoming less precise, ABS functions and control electronic stability reduce its effectiveness, the braking distance increases and the wear of some parts of the car accelerate their wear, such as the tires, the suspension springs, the differential or the universal joints.

The shock absorbers are, therefore, leading elements in the suspension system along with the springs. These last
help absorb the impacts of the road and its movement is reduced thanks to the shock absorbers, thus facilitating the control of the car.

What types of shock absorbers are there?

In the market we can find
two kinds of shock absorbers depending on the structure and operation:

Monotube: It is composed of a single cylinder that has two working chambers through which oil circulates. It absorbs the oscillations of the road through a stem and pressure valves. Most of this type of shock absorber also has a small high-pressure gas chamber to prevent bubbles from escaping from the oil that circulates inside it.

Bitube: Its structure is made up of two bodies, one for work and the other for compensation. It consists of two internal cylinders with a rod that houses a working piston and the valves that regulate the compression and rebound of the shock absorber itself when it adapts to the terrain. They are usually installed at the front so that in this way they can withstand the highest workloads due to the weight of the engine.

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