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This ebook reader has audiobooks – we’ve tested it and it’s the real Kindle alternative

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We have been able to test a fairly innovative electronic book reader for analysis, which is positioned as a clear free alternative to Kindle.

For many years now, Amazon has dominated the literary sector with an iron fist with its store of physical books and ebooks and with the Kindle, the best-selling readers worldwide, something that is not surprising at all since its price is really low. .

However, Little by little, some alternatives are being seen, such as Kobo’s ebook readers or the new Pocketbook Touch HD 3, which we have been able to submit to analysis and which really makes some differences that make it worthwhile, although its price is about 150 euros, well above what the cheapest Kindle costs.

The characteristics that put land in the middle with its rivals are mainly two: it has audio output to listen to audiobooks with headphones and also allows you to enjoy loans from public libraries throughout Spainwhere there are thousands and thousands of books that you can get at a very low price or directly for free.

PocketBook Touch HD 3 is an e-book reader with a 6-inch backlit display and support for SMARTLight technology to adjust lighting and light tone. It is compatible with the vast majority of ebook, audiobook and comic book formats, providing WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

We have already seen the first of these two novelties, that of audiobooks, in some models of readers, such as the Kobo Sage, which also has audio output, although its price is considerably higher than that of the Pocketbook model.

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What is truly revolutionary is that you can obtain loans from your local library directly on your e-book reader, whether from the City Council, the University or any other institution, a very, very strong reason to bet on it. over Kindles.

Beyond these two details, It has a very thin and light design.comfortable to carry and hold for hours, in addition to a battery life long enough to forget about charging except when it becomes very urgent.

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For the scarce 150 euros that it costs, there may be other models for sale, although this one is for sale on Amazon, with free shipping and all the facilities to save money when reading books, which is not little.

If you are looking to get out of the de facto monopoly that Amazon has in the sector, here is something to choose from.

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