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this Friday an accumulation of up to 20 centimeters of snow is expected

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The forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) in the Community of Madrid for this Friday indicates that there will be widespread snowfalls in the afternoon throughout the region, while temperatures will remain unchanged or will experience a slight decrease in temperatures. maximums. Snow can be more intense in the south, where accumulations can be between 10 and 20 centimeters. The frosts will be weak and generalized, although in the peaks of the Sierra they can be strong.

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Monastery says that the Community of Madrid, on this occasion, “anticipated” and acted in the face of snowfall

The Vox spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly, Rocío Monasterio, considered this Friday that the Government chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, “has anticipated” in the preparation of devices due to the snowfall that will hit the Community this Friday and tomorrow and added that in the previous snowfall, in 2007, “the anticipation was lacking.” “Governing is essential to know how to anticipate,” said Monasterio at a Servimedia information breakfast. The Vox spokeswoman stated that “we have become unaccustomed” to winter, but that “there has always been snowfall” and cited a report in which a construction worker said “I work every day in this cold and nothing has happened to me ».


More than 60 planes pass through the Iberia de-icing bases in Barajas

The two de-icing bases of Iberia Airport Services at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport have received this Thursday from 12.00 hours more than 60 aircraft from the companies that operate before the arrival of snow at the airport. Thawing is a task that can slow down the departure of flights, but it is necessary to ensure safety. The de-icing machines make a first application of glycol on the planes and other areas of the aircraft to remove the ice or snow deposited, and with the second application of glycol they prevent those same areas from being frozen again. The de-icing works require the coordination of the de-icing teams and the Control Tower, which gives the aircraft entry and exit from the de-icing bases.


Flakes continue to fall intensely in the capital


A total of 41 basic health areas and 14 towns will have mobility restrictions from Monday

The Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, announced this Friday that from this Monday the Community will apply restrictions on mobility in a total of 41 basic health areas and 14 localities. Specifically, the 18 areas with restrictions and 5 locations will be joined by 23 new areas and 9 locations, Escudero has advanced in the weekly press conference on the epidemiological and welfare situation due to the coronavirus. The restrictions will thus affect more than 1.2 million people in Madrid, that is, 18.3 percent of the population, where 25 percent of the cases are concentrated.


The City Council of Alcalá has tons of salt and specialized machinery to deal with inclement weather

The City Council of Alcalá de Henares has launched this week a Special Device in the face of winter inclement weather and the forecasts of rainfall in the form of snow and low temperatures published by the AEMET, the Consistory reported in a statement. The Mayor of Alcalá de Henares, Javier Rodríguez Palacios, this morning supervised the work that is being carried out, accompanied by the First Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Security, Alberto Blázquez, by the Councilor for the Environment, Enrique Nogués, for the Councilor for Urban Works and Maintenance, Manuel Lafront, as well as by the Local Police commanders and by technicians from different municipal areas.


It starts to snow in the capital

Snow has come to the capital again. Around 11:30, the snowflakes were once again visible in the city of Madrid. The forecast is that this afternoon it will intensify and continue like this until Saturday night.


El Retiro and eight other parks in the capital, closed since this afternoon due to the forecast of snow

The Madrid City Council activates this afternoon, starting at 6:00 p.m., the red alert of the Protocol of action for adverse meteorology in line with the extraordinary bulletin of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the face of the forecast of snowfall in the area metropolitan. Thus, El Retiro and eight other parks in the city will remain closed until the next day, since it is expected that the accumulation of snow could reach six centimeters in thickness. In addition to El Retiro, the Quinta de los Molinos, the Quinta de Torre Arias, the Sabatini gardens, the rose garden of the Parque del Oeste and Fuente del Berro and the Cecilio Rodríguez gardens will also be closed.


Barajas may be affected this Friday by Filomena

The Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport may be affected this Friday by the storm Filomena, which will leave widespread snowfall in the Community of Madrid with very low temperatures this Friday. This has been confirmed, in an interview in ‘Onda Cero’, collected by Europa Press, the Secretary General for Transport and Mobility of the Government of Spain, María José Rallo, who stressed that “due to its importance” Barajas “has a special protocol ».


Franco warns the drivers that if they cross the Community “they will be penalized” and asks that they not travel to see the snow

The Government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, has warned Madrid drivers this Friday that if they go beyond the limits of the region they will be sanctioned, since both Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha remain closed perimeter. In an interview on ‘TVE’, collected by Europa Press, Franco understands “everyone’s desire to leave home”, but ensures that you cannot go to the snow in sneakers and without the right clothes. “Citizens must be responsible and leave the visit to the snow for later, when the weather and sanitary conditions allow it,” he said.

10.08The Community of Madrid has activated level 2 of the Winter Inclement Plan due to heavy snowfall, so the regional government takes command of operations throughout the region except the capital, being responsible for the plan of the director of the Security Agency and Emergencies of the Community, has reported Emergencies 112. This morning the advisory committee of said winter inclement plan is meeting, which is made up of 1,865 professionals and almost 3,500 volunteers, with 732 vehicles and 2 helicopters, available this year in case of any eventuality. As a novelty, the Ministry of Transport has increased the number of weather stations and surveillance cameras to monitor winter road conditions. For its part, Emergencies adds almost 300 troops and 60 more vehicles compared to the previous campaign.


Madrid activates level 2 of the Winter Inclement Plan


The ports of the Community of Madrid are open from the first hour thanks to the work of almost 40 snowplows

The ports of the road network of the Community of Madrid are open from this Friday at 6 am thanks to the work of 151 people and 39 snowplows. Thus, since 10 pm the previous day, a total of 188 tons of salt and 2,867 liters of brine have been spread, as reported by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Infrastructure. For his part, the counselor of the branch, Ángel Garrido, recalled, through his Twitter account, that the region is today at a red level due to snowfall, something that “is the first time that has happened in the metropolitan area.”


Meeting in Pozuelo de Alarcón

The Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims of the Community of Madrid, Enrique López, chairs a meeting of the Territorial Plan of Civil Protection of the Community of Madrid (PLATERCAM) to monitor the Winter Inclement Plan 2020-2021 and evaluate the situation by snowfall.


Freezing temperatures for Friday and Saturday

The State Meteorological Agency has extended for this Friday the orange alert for snow precipitations to the entire Community of Madrid and activates the yellow one due to low temperatures in the Sierra. Temperatures will range between -1 and 2 degrees in Madrid, -3 and 4 degrees in Alcalá de Henares, -1 and 3 degrees in Aranjuez, -3 and 3 degrees in Collado Villalba, -2 and 2 degrees in Getafe and between -2 and 2 degrees in Navalcarnero.


Tracking the big snowfall in Madrid

Good Morning! Welcome to the live monitoring of the storm Filomena, which will leave abundant rainfall in the form of snow in the Community of Madrid.

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