Thursday, December 9

“This is a new path that we open and to which more clubs will join”

Salvador Martí, president of Intercity, during the press conference at the Palacio de la Bolsa. | CF INTERCITY

An entrepreneurial and pioneering club. That is the image that Intercity tried to convey yesterday during the presentation ceremony of its IPO, for which the doors of the emblematic Madrid building were opened wide. Its president and founder, Salvador Martí, outlined the main lines of the project in an appearance in which he spoke of the past, present and future in Intercity code.

“Five years ago we started a project from scratch and now we are here, having fulfilled all the objectives that we had set ourselves,” said Martí at the beginning of the Intercity launch speech. “We feel like when the players are going to play a promotion play-off. We have all the memories of this process and the work not only of the managers but also of the rest of the club’s staff. It is exciting to open this path for others to join, “he added.

Martí acknowledged that in recent weeks they have received many inquiries to enter the project. «It is an upgrade in terms of transparency. We went from being private to public. The club now belongs to everyone ”, explained the president of Intercity, who placed special emphasis on this change of chip and opening of the opacity of football clubs so characteristic a few years ago to transparency.

The directors of Intercity pose with Tebas and Albert Soler at the entrance of the building. | CF INTERCITY

Ambitious goal

“I am sure it is a matter of time before more clubs join. The partners want transparency and this is a path towards it, ”Martí confessed. «It is a new path that we open to the fans. It is one thing to be from a team and another thing for the club to be yours. They will be able to decide the future of Intercity, “he added.

The top president and founder of Intercity also spoke about the future of the entity, whose goal according to the document presented for its IPO is ambitious: First Division. «The club is created with the aim of being sustainable and you have to achieve professional football. The objective is to be a leader and outside of professional football it is not possible, so until that moment we will have to support the shareholders to form a squad that will lead us to that professional football, “he declared. «Promotion is an objective, but also having its own stadium and a Sports City so that the quarry can grow and the women’s team, “he added.

That path that Martí spoke of has already been traced by other clubs in Europe, from historic European champions such as Manchester United, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, Porto, Benfica, Ajax or Celtic to clubs in countries such as Denmark, Turkey, France, Sweden or Poland. . Tottenham, in 1983, was the pioneer, on the London Stock Exchange. Between 2002 and August 2020, STOXX Europe Football, the first football stock market index in Europe, made up of 20 teams, was active. In this “league”, among some of the greats of Europe, Intercity now plays.

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