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This is all that is known about the “zombie” woman who appeared on the streets of Seattle

As is, as if it were a scene from the famous series “Walking Dead”, that’s what happened a couple of days ago in the middle of the street in Seattle, where it caused great commotion the supposed appearance of a “zombie” woman.

In different social networks, particularly on Twitter and TikTok, several videos began to circulate of different passers-by who came across this strange and disturbing-looking woman who was wandering through a Seattle neighborhood.

The call zombie woman walked with great difficulty Well, he wasn’t wearing a shoe. He also had white powder covering his face, as well as a bloody bump on his stomach, black circles around his eyes, and a few strands of hair covering his head.

In addition, the woman was screaming down the street, with apparent pain because she looks as if she was injured.

In some recordings you can see some police officers who came to help her; however, she refused to receive help. After several minutes of insistence, the authorities finally transferred her to a medical center.

“Don’t take my money, don’t touch my baby,” is what this woman is heard saying that, due to her bulging belly, she is presumed pregnant.

What is known about the so-called “zombie” woman from Seattle?

The original publication was made on TikTok by user Ishea Brown Couch, who was the one who confirmed that the woman had been taken to a local hospital before her video was removed by this platform.

At the moment, no Seattle authority has released any kind of official information about this case and it is unknown what the state of this woman’s health is, which has led Internet users to believe hypotheses about the case.

“In a city like Seattle, it is not uncommon for people to not have the resources to take care of their mental health, housing and addiction… This is a real person. We have to have compassion in the midst of our curiosity, ”Ishea wrote.

Other users point out that it could be advertising for the movie “Kimi”, which is being recorded during this month of May in the city of the state of Washington. However, the strongest theses suggest that it would be a case of domestic abuse, violence, synthetic drugs or mental health problems.

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