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This is Chanel Terrero’s suit in her performance at Eurovision



Chanel Terrero chose a suit Palomo Spain that pays tribute to Spanish culture to perform in tenth place at the Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place tonight in Turin (Italy).

The model is made up of a black lycra jumpsuit that presents several strategic openings in the legs, with the upper part that resembles a ‘body, square neckline and a thin layer of tulle that closes it as if it were a choker.

The piece is finished by a bullfighter with large shoulder pads -which the Cordovan designer has created as if it were a Goyesque jacket- full of shiny studs that, with the reflection of the spotlights on the stage, make it look resplendent.

The styling signs it

Palomo Spain, who has designed clothes for other international artists such as Beyoncé and whose clothes are characterized by offering a highly genuine vision of our culture.

Chanel has worn it with claw at the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, where she already showed the look last Tuesday, in rehearsals. Spain is among the favorite bets with ‘SloMo’, the song performed by Chanel Terrero, which seems to have a good chance of taking first place according to the polls, something that has not happened for 53 years, when our country He took the award for the second year in a row.

The artist with Cuban roots and raised in Barcelona carried out a performance that most of her followers describe as ‘awesome’ and that her work has cost her, since we must not forget all the controversies that were unleashed in her day with her election , where many claimed that it had not been entirely transparent. Leaving aside the controversy, another of the protagonists in recent days has been her look, which has also sparked all kinds of comments.

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The artist is among the favorites
The artist is among the favorites – © Gtres

The studs on the suit are swarovski crystals hand-sewn by the designer’s entire team, including his mother and aunt. Specifically there is 50,000 in white, red and black tones that come together creating different sinuous shapes. During the last rehearsals, the singer has also added a fan of feathers in her dances, which in addition to giving it an even more Spanish touch, highlight her garment even more.

Palomo Spain is the designer of the look
Palomo Spain is the designer of the look – © Gtres

Many have criticized the ‘outfit’ defending that bullfighting is not an element that should represent our collective imagination, something that Palomo has rushed to clarify, stating that with his creation he wanted to show distinctive elements of our country that are familiar to foreigners. In fact, he has explained on more occasions that with the embroidered crystals he has wanted to pay his particular tribute to the lights on the cover of the Seville Fair.

The jacket's design has caused some controversy
The jacket design has caused some controversy – © Gtres

If you take into account the other outfits that Terrero has worn in recent days, they all have one element in common, highlighting the Spanish essence. You just have to see her dress inspired by a bata de cola for the welcome ceremony with which she became the clear protagonist.

The singer has started her performance with her hair tied up in a bun and, in the middle of her performance, she let her hair down.

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