Thursday, September 21

This is Google News Showcase, the new news tool in Spain

Google launches News Showcase, the news tool that it inaugurates after an agreement with the main Spanish media, with the aim of promoting good journalism and quality information.

Google has launched today, Thursday, a new tool in Spain for reading news with which it intends to recover “quality journalism”. To do this, the company multinational has managed to reach a according to 60 media outlets running some 140 publicationsalthough they affirm that this number will continue to grow.

In this agreement, Google will pay a license to these media to advertise their news in the new tool named “News Showcase” and complements Discover and Google News. Among those, we see national, regional and local media such as ABC, Atresmedia, Catalunyapress, El Español, Europa Press, El País…etc.

According to what he says, he manages, each month, to send more than 24 billion visits to sites from publishers around the world, for free.

“We want citizens to be more and better informed and to consume more information on publishers’ websites. We understand that through this collaboration, all participating publishers will contribute to achieving these goals. We have no doubts about the quality of the news that will appear in the Showcase panels”they assure from Google.

With this, it will be the media editors themselves who they will choose which news to appear in the News Showcase section of the search engine, which is a “guarantee” for multinationals to avoid clickbait and unwanted content.

The various news items or panels we see direct readers to the full articles on the websites of the news publications or the apps of the medium (if they have one), which allows them to delve into these as well as increase the number of readers to the media.

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“The content that a user will see depends on several factors: their location, the interests they have reported (topics, sources of information), the media they have chosen to follow, etc.”, they explain. It is available in the app for mobile Discover and Google News, as well as on the web portal of the latter service.

Google News returns to enhance the quality information of the search engine

If we remember 8 years ago, due to a change in the laws of the government of Mariano Rajoy, Google was forced to close this service because it did not agree with the terms established by those same laws.

However, Google News, he returned to Spain on June 22 after Congress approved an update to the copyright law.

“Through the Google News Initiative, we have delivered digital growth training to more than 270 publishers in Spain since 2020. We have also hosted a series of bespoke programs to help accelerate the digital transformation of individual publishers,” explains Google in its news blog.

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