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This is how David López escaped, the Catalan tourist who spent 38 days in a dump in Ukraine

He was 38 days locked in a basement. Without light and without water. Communicated by phone only at times. He cooked on a firewood grill. He boiled water to drink. Without showering. He had to eat animals of some species that it is preferable not to specify…

The Catalan David Lopezresident in Granollers, concluded on Monday horrific life experience in a sort of Gostomel dump. This town is located eight kilometers from Bucha, the scene of the worst carnage perpetrated by Russian troops in the first month and a half of the invasion of Ukraine. The massacre has affected both urban centers in a very similar way.

Finally, on Monday David López managed to get out of the hole thanks to the help from the association Help to Ukraine, founded by the Asturians Carlos Fernández and Javier González, together with the Madrilenian Javier Fernández, and in which some 80 people (between Ukrainians and Spaniards) currently collaborate. To date, they have already pulled out about 400 people of both nationalities from the hell generated by Putin’s troops.

The adventure of David López began last February, with a trip to visit a Ukrainian friend.

Carlos Fernández and the people from Help to Ukraine were able to establish contact with David López. They managed to communicate every week, although there were periods of several days in which they were unable to speak.

The group promoted from the Principality has already taken some 400 people out of Ukraine

We have a contact in the territorial squad who had offered to get him out two weeks ago. The Russians were still there. But one day before the scheduled date we lost contact with it, and it took us a few days to recover it.

The Russians left Gostomel last Thursday, leaving behind a pile of corpses including raped women. Carlos Fernández continues his story, still fresh, because the events accelerated from this past Monday:

Through that contact with the brigade, they sent two armored vehicles, which took him out of there on Monday. They took him to kyiv, we put him up at the Opera Hotel, which belongs to people we know. There he was able to shower and dine like a countryman. Today in the morning [por el martes]at half past seven, we picked him up and took him to the border with Poland.

David he is very touched. He has had a very bad time. At Gostomel the Russians did the same as at Bucha. And he saw it all. They had to bury people. Better not say what they came to eat. On Gostomel’s trip to kyiv, he was about to vomit when he saw the sowing of corpses –explains Carlos Fernández.

Carlos Fernández emphasizes that the Help to Ukraine association will continue to work along the same lines: “We are a lot of people. This has nothing to do with politics, but with people. There are ten other Spaniards left there”.

Gostomel is clearly identified as one of the blackest points of the Russian invasion. Last Sunday, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, addressed the mothers of Russian soldiers: “I want every mother of every Russian soldier to see the bodies of those killed in Bucha, in Irpin, in Gostomel,” he proclaimed.

Meanwhile, French justice has already opened four investigations for possible war crimes committed in Ukraine against French victims, without identifying for the moment the alleged perpetrators although some elements point to Russian forces. The French National Antiterrorist Prosecutor’s Office indicated in a statement that three of these investigations “against X” were formally launched on Tuesday for events that occurred in the cities of Mariúpol (between February 25 and March 16), Gostomel (between 1 and March 12) and Chernihiv (from February 24).

One month ago, the mayor of Gostomel, Yuri Illich Prylypkowas killed during the attacks of the Russian Army while distributing bread and medicine to the victims. “No one forced him to face enemy bullets. He could have, like hundreds of others, hidden in a basement (…) But he had made his decision. He died for his community, for Gostomel, he died as a hero, ”they underlined municipal sources. The Consistory dedicated to Yuri Illich Prylypko “an eternal memory”, as well as his gratitude.

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Related news

Located northwest of kyiv, the city is home to the Antonov military airport, which was attacked by Russian forces at the start of the invasion of Ukraine. This battle already has an incipient historiography, such as the one dedicated to it by Wikipedia. According to this world documentation platform, the Antonov Airport battle “began on February 24, 2022 during the invasion of Ukraine.” The result was “the russian army victory, which although it was initially repelled by the Ukrainian forces defending the airfield, managed to seize it after a counterattack the next day”. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, “the Ukrainian Army suffered about 200 casualties without any casualties on the Russian side, which is contradicted by the accounts of the Ukrainian fighters.”

Various eyewitnesses have highlighted the tremendous devastation in which Gostomel has been submerged, pierced with immense holes caused by the projectiles launched by the Russian troops. The panorama is bleak: vandalized vehicles, burned buildings, everything in ruins, summary.

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