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This is how our readers participated during the confinement

An Instagram 'storie', a 'playlist' on Spotify and a 'micro-diary' are some of the content sent by the readers of the Prensa Ibérica newspapers during home confinement.

An Instagram ‘storie’, a ‘playlist’ on Spotify and a ‘micro-diary’ are some of the content sent by the readers of the Prensa Ibérica newspapers during home confinement.

We have never been so long without leaving home. 50 days have passed since on March 13 the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, announced that he was going to declare a state of alarm until May 4, the date on which the entire Spanish territory was in phase 0, that is, , when it was possible to go out. Almost two months locked up between the walls of our homes to contain the virulence of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

They were weeks of great uncertainty, fear and bad news, but there was also a long applause from the toilets and an infinity of digital initiatives emerged that reached our screens to make confinement more enjoyable.

From the newspapers of Iberian Press We invited our readers to share their testimonies of their day to day and their opinions on the pandemic and everything that was happening in Spain and in the world. Also, the little ones captured in drawings the message that everything was going to be fine, other readers made the ‘playlist’ of confinement and even self-employed and SME entrepreneurs videotaped their concerns and advice in times of low economic activity.

Then, we collect some of the most interesting initiatives. A memory of an already historical period.

1. The 120 “micro-diaries” of the quarantine

1. The 120 “micro-diaries” of the quarantineLast April we invited readers to write a story, as a “micro-diary”, about how a quarantine and a global pandemic were experiencing for the first time.

We received about 200 texts from different Spanish regions, and we published 120 which we consider stood out for their originality and because they were adapted to the required size (100 words, although in some they are some more).

Below, the most voted microdiaries by readers.

2. Self-employed and SMEs

2. Self-employed and SMEs“We will live in a time of change, I am trying to reinvent myself,” commented Luisa Fernanda, a freelancer who has an online travel agency. After 30 years, Javier, the owner of a dry cleaner, explained how out of “solidarity and fear” they had closed during confinement and expressed his concern for the future during the pandemic.

These and other testimonies, which were videotaped by freelancers and SME owners, were published in the Youtube channel of Prensa Ibérica. Below, we share Luisa Fernanda’s.

3. The Valencian children who drew hope against the coronavirus

3. The Valencian children who drew hope against the coronavirusThe newspaper Lift-EMV He invited, through Instagram, the smallest of the house to draw what came to mind with a single reason, the hope to defeat the coronavirus and pass confinement as well as possible. And what if they succeeded.

In the Next gallery you can see all the drawings they shared in ‘stories‘.

4. #CordobesesEnCasa in times of the coronavirus

4. #CordobesesEnCasa in times of the coronavirusReaders of Cordoba newspaper shared videos, photographs, texts in this direct which opened the Prensa Ibérica newspaper on March 15. Among the most shared images, the photographs sent by some Cordobans with the crosses that they installed on their balconies on the occasion of the Cruces de Mayo festivities stood out.

In the lower image, on the left, residents of the La Viñuela neighborhood preparing the cross on their terrace; On the right, Juanma Peralbo and Pedro Castañeda, residents of the Plaza de San Bartolomé, show the cross that they installed in their attic.

5. ‘Guateque en quarantine’, a ‘playlist’ on Spotify for confinement

5. ‘Guateque en quarantine’, a ‘playlist’ on Spotify for confinementThe Canarian newspaper The province He invited his followers on Instagram to participate indicating which were the songs that made the quarantine more enjoyable. The result is this ‘playlist’ on Spotify: ‘Guateque in quarantine’.

6. Humor during the first week without leaving home

6. Humor during the first week without leaving homeThe first week of the quarantine was an explosion of thoughts and emotions, and also of videos that reached us on the cell phones of neighbors and friends doing the hooligan.

In Ibiza newspaper received many videos from their readers through his WhatsApp channel. Below, a compilation of the funniest.

7. When readers publish their opinion column

7. When readers publish their opinion columnUnder the headline ‘How does the coronavirus crisis affect you?‘, El Periódico de Catalunya he asked his readers how they were experiencing the confinement and how it was affecting them.

From March 13 to June 23, a long list of opinions and reflections of all kinds were published.

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