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This is how Pedro Sánchez has responded to the challenges of the next political year

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has held an appearance this Thursday before the summer parenthesis to present his annual balance and future prospects. These are some of the pending folders to which he has referred for the next political course.


During the appearance at Moncloa to present the balance of the first semester of 2021, Sánchez has described the Union between the Spanish people to face the health crisis and has warned that the virus “continues to threaten our way of life.” The president has also congratulated himself on the high rates of vaccination of Spain, which has ranked among the top fifty countries in the world -has achieved “the gold medal” – said Sánchez, who recalled that just over 55% of the Spanish population already has the complete guideline.

“The merit of the vaccination levels belongs to society as a whole” and, once again, a lesson is repeated: “When society unites, we can achieve everything we set out to do,” he continued during his speech at Moncloa .

Even so, Sánchez has admitted that, with the appearance of the delta variant, more transmissible than the others, “probably” the percentage to achieve group immunity must be higher than 70%. “This is a long distance race and we are leading“, he assured.” We are the country that is vaccinating at the highest rate, “applauded the Chief Executive, satisfied to be able to meet the goal of being able to complete the guideline for 70% of Spaniards before the end of the summer, despite that “many people criticized” the government’s calculations.

The virus is still there “and we must not lower our guard”, but the efforts that the communities are making to contain its fifth shock “are beginning to have their results”, and the curve begins to stabilize again at a time when many autonomies have already opened the vaccination of the youngest, the group where more infections are occurring. Sánchez has valued the exercise of co-government never before “deployed in our country”, as the one applied every week by the Ministry of Health and the ministries in the meetings of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System.

In this sense, he pointed out that in yesterday’s meeting, the Government and communities agreed to create a working group that will define the capacity in sports competitions. A month ago, the Minister of Health already announced that normality would return to football stadiums and basketball courts for the next season by allowing the attendance of fans of the League and the ACB, although always subject to prevention measures like the use of a mask.

The economy

Sánchez said this Thursday that thanks to the “success” in the vaccination process, “the economic and social recovery” is strengthened, while highlighting the data published from the Active Population Survey (EPA). “We are already at occupancy levels of 19.6 million people“, he pointed out.” We will never forget how we have suffered and the effort of the majority, “Sánchez stressed, in whose opinion there is now an opportunity to reap” the fruits “of what has been done, such as economic recovery and job creation.

He has also encouraged all those who want a “richer and fairer” Spain to help work in that direction and, in this way, “the future of our country, of our elders, children” and the rest of the public will be better. On the other hand, he explained that the Government will extend until October 31 the “social shield”, which includes measures such as the suspension of evictions, the extension of rents and the prohibition of cutting off basic supplies to vulnerable consumers, approved in a context marked by the pandemic.

The intention of the Executive is to work for “hope and understanding” and, after a “hard time”, “it’s time to choose between recovery and tension and the Government has opted for recovery. “The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez. considers that the data from the Labor Force Survey (EPA) published this Thursday show that” Spain is making steady progress in the recovery. “Sánchez has done so. echo of these EPA data, which reflect that the number of employed increased by 464,900 people in the second quarter of the year, to 19,671,700 workers, thanks to the relaxation of measures to contain the covid-19 virus and to the progress of vaccination.

“Spain is making steady progress in the recovery. This is demonstrated by the data from the EPA with greater job creation and strong growth in activity,” says the Chief Executive. The president added that the Government continues to work to boost these figures and that objectives are being met thanks to vaccination and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for the Spanish economy. In addition, he has highlighted the latest forecasts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which place Spain as the developed economy that will lead economic growth in 2022, with a rise in GDP of 5.8%.

Likewise, it has confirmed that the next Council of Ministers, the last one before the summer holidays, will extend the measures that make up the ‘social shield’ until October 31, in order to protect the most vulnerable and the most exposed sectors. to the crisis derived from the pandemic. Sánchez has highlighted in his balance sheet the eleven agreements reached with social agents in matters such as ERTE, ICO credits, the protection of the self-employed or transfers for the care of dependency, and has thanked unions and employers “from the heart” his commitment to the country.


The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has regretted that the head of the Catalan Executive, Pere Aragonés, does not attend the Conference of Presidents to be held this Friday in Salamanca because, beyond the fact that they “are independentists”, issues will be discussed “very important”, and, in addition, he has asked the ‘barons’ of the PP to avoid the “partisan struggle” in this meeting.

During his appearance, Sánchez has valued the multilateral meeting with the regional presidents, ensuring that it is a “shame” that “the voice of Catalonia” is not present to talk about issues such as European funds, the fight against the pandemic or the demographic challenge. In any case, the Chief Executive has recalled that the Bilateral Commission between the central Government and that of Catalonia will meet “as marked by the Statute of Autonomy” next Monday, August 2, just three days after this Conference of Presidents, to advance the transfers to the Catalan region.

Precisely, given the criticism that it has aroused that it meets bilaterally with Catalonia days after the Conference of Presidents to which Aragonés will not go, Sánchez has defended that the Government “complies with the exercise of co-government“From the point of view of multilateralism and bilaterality.” Bilateral commissions are also necessary like any sectoral conference that we are holding, “claimed Sánchez, who stressed that these bilateral meetings are held within the framework of the mandate of the Statutes of Autonomy of each region.

Likewise, the head of the Executive has also commented on the complaints of some Autonomous Communities governed by the PP about the format of the Conference of Presidents of Salamanca, the agenda and the five minutes that the regional leaders will have to present their proposals. In this context, Sánchez has expressly addressed the ‘barons’ of the PP to ask them to use this forum for “dialogue” and not for a “partisan struggle”, putting in value the “unit” for the recovery.

Thus, the President of the Government has vindicated the Conference of Presidents as a co-governance forum in which “dialogue is a value in itself” and has taken out chest that, under his mandate, 18 of the 24 held since its creation.

The monarchy

The President of the Government has offered the press conference to assess the political course five days before the one year mark after the departure of Juan Carlos from Spain. Then, Sánchez celebrated that Felipe VI wanted to mark “distances” with the “alleged irregular behaviors” of the father and implied that the current King was the one who urged him to leave the country. In December, the chief executive explained that the Zarzuela had a “roadmap for the renewal of the Crown in terms of transparency and exemplarity.” He said there would be “news” soon. However, neither the Executive nor the Zarzuela have taken any step in that direction.

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