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This is how Putin’s daughters are: Maria and Ekaterina

The European Union (EU) has proposed imposing sanctions on two daughters of Vladimir Putin, in a move that would add pressure on the Russian leader’s closest relatives in response to the Ukraine invasion, The Wall Street Journal reports. The newspaper also points out that the president of the United States, Joe Biden, will also announce sanctions this week against Putin’s two daughters, citing diplomatic sources.

Who are the daughters of Putin

Little is known about his family environment of the Russian president since the Kremlin confirmed, in April 2014, that he had divorced his wife, Lyudmilaafter 30 years of marriage.

The couple had two daughters: Maria (now 36) and Ekaterina (35). At the end of 2015, the Russian president was asked at a press conference about his daughters. “My daughters live and work in Russia and have never lived anywhere else,” he said a little over 6 years ago.

official daughters

But who are Maria and Ekaterina? The youngest is somewhat better known than the firstborn, since she was married for five years – she was divorced in 2018 – with the Russian oligarch Kiril Shamalov, majority shareholder of the Siberian oil and gas company Sibur. Ekaterina, who changed her surname to that of Tykhonova -apparently by her maternal grandmother- And, in addition, she is an acrobatic dancer and director of two initiatives at Moscow State University: the National Foundation for Intellectual Development and the National Center for Intellectual Reserve.

mother of two children

Maria, the eldest, lives in Moscow with her Dutch husband, the millionaire Jorrit Faassen, who worked as a senior officer of the Gazprom company -responsible for siberian nuclear bunker where the Putin family is supposedly hiding. Supposedly they have two children, as Putin has said that he is a grandfather, although not much is known about it. Although for years he changed his last name, like his sister, to that of Vorontsova To preserve your anonymity, your identity in Russia is not a mystery.

As confirmed by her father, she studied at St. Petersburg State University and Moscow State University, and has gone on to become a renowned pediatric endocrinologist and medical researcher. Mary, who is also called Mashalives with her husband and two children in a skyscraper in Moscow.

More offspring?

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There are rumors that, in addition, Vladimir has a third daughter with his alleged girlfriend (with whom he has not married), the former Russian rhythmic gymnast Alina Maratovna Kabaeva. But neither the relationship nor, of course, the daughter have been officially confirmed.

If the relationship and Kabaeva’s offspring are true, the new family would live since 2015 in an area of ​​maximum luxury on the outskirts of Moscow called Rubliouswhere periodically the neighbors undergo security checks.

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