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This is how the 2022 Digital Priorities are for companies

digital needs
digital needs

During 2021, Spanish companies have made progress in consolidating their digital models and their investments have materialized in the results they achieve from their digital assets.

This follows from the study “Digital Priorities 2022”, carried out by Multiplica, on how 82% of companies have increased revenue from digital channels by more than 20%.

“Generating a clear data strategy aimed at helping to get to know the user in depth from a qualitative and quantitative point of view and ensuring that the strategy is aligned and contributes greatly to the company’s major objectives is the key for them to start making strategic decisions. data-driven,” the report explains.

Digital Priorities 2022

The data indicates that the good results that companies obtain from their digital channels encourage them to continue investing in their digital strategies, and the budget that most organizations will allocate to their digital roadmap in 2022 is much higher, if compared to the stage prior to the outbreak of the pandemic.

In this sense, 60% of the companies that have participated in the survey are increasing their budget items to develop their digital strategy and 20% affirm that it remains the same, while only a small 7% acknowledge that they will allocate less money to this purpose.

In 2021, the areas of greatest progress have been the generation of traffic to digital channels, the development of digital analytics capabilities, migrations to the cloud, process automation, and investment in social media channels.

Main areas of investment in 2022

The study includes 17 digital priorities. According to the survey results, the greatest emphasis for 2022 is on increasing digital conversion rates and getting a deeper understanding of their customers through the adoption of analytics solutions.

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Next, they cite the implementation of automated marketing campaigns (58%), while 52% place the personalization of the customer experience, research in Customer Experience (CX) and the promotion of actions on social platforms in the Priority list.

Companies will also continue to invest in the development of omnichannel strategies (51%), in the implementation of artificial intelligence in their processes and services (45%), and in launching new mobile digital products (44%).

The other priorities are investing in Inbound Marketing (40%), automating internal processes with employees (38%), implementing First Party Data strategies (37%), having the capabilities to identify the value of the life cycle of customers (31%), create chatbots or virtual assistants and hire cloud services (in both cases, with 26%) and, finally, promote the marketing of products in marketplaces (25%).

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