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this is how the bloody day of fury was unleashed in Santovenia




On Thursday morning, the first clash took place. After seeing the punctured tires of his car, he went to ask an old friend for an explanation, who had lived in the same squatted block of flats for years. He was convinced that the damage had been done by his son. They argued, but the conversation went no further. Hours later the waters were not calm and he recriminated him again, in this case supposedly with blows, the facts to his neighbor, who ended up in the emergency room. When he returned home with his wife and his son, on the landing, he was waiting for him, rifle in hand. It’s 24 hours before Crime of Santovenia de Pisuerga (Valladolid) registered this morning, which narrate from the victim’s environment next to the crime scene.

No trace of the relatives of the alleged murderer. As they say, he was in charge of his escape.

They do not specify whether it was before or after shooting his friend in the abdomen -later he also wounded a Civil Guard agent with whom he was negotiating with his firearm- but the victim’s environment assures that the alleged perpetrator of his death he would have made his wife and daughters leave the village more or less at the time the events occurred, shortly before two in the morning.

Those close to the victim in the vicinity of the crime scene – ICAL

They were not with him therefore in the house in which he has barricaded himself for twelve hours with a hostage, which apparently was the boyfriend of one of his daughters, until at 2:15 p.m. he decided to turn himself in. Screams have been heard from inside the house throughout the morning, as well as at suspected murderer order heroin to the agents that make up the negotiating team, while the town was taken by agents with machine guns and from the City Hall the neighbors were asked not to approach the place.

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Outside the block, behind the cordon, the residents of Santovenia de Pisuerga received this Friday with “surprise” and “disbelief” and also with some “concern” a completely unusual scene in the quiet town of Valladolid. Around the area cordoned off since dawn by the Civil Guard, some curious people, especially from the neighborhood, where not everyone knew the victim and the deceased. Of course, there are those who recognize that, despite the “surprise, when you reflect, you expect it.”

The family version: “It was not a brawl”

The victim’s mother-in-law, Encarnación Arias, explained to the media that her daughter and the detainee’s wife argued on Thursday and, that same night, her daughter went with her husband to have a coffee. Hours later, around 11 pm, he called her to tell her that both she and her husband had been beaten.

As he has recounted, his daughter and son-in-law were attacked by the alleged author of the shot, known as “el Chiqui”, by his brother-in-law, the boyfriends of his two daughters, his current partner and his partner’s sister. “My daughter has her head open and my son-in-law has his eye and they went to the Clinic,” he explained. His oldest grandson, 27, was the one who picked up his father from the hospital and then the worst happened: «We open the door of the third room -where they live- and we hear a ‘thumb’ from the laughter, and suddenly a thunderous silence». That’s when they realized someone had fired a gun.

«We opened the door of the third, and we heard from the laughter a ‘thumb’, and suddenly a thunderous silence»

The woman has denied the version of the Government delegate, who has attributed the event to a brawl. “There is no brawl between two families. There have been six and two, eight, six against two who had to go to the Clinic”, Encarnación has sentenced, who has lamented that her daughter, 45 years old, “is a widow” and her two grandchildren, 27 and 17 years old, “ fatherless” and has ensured that both the victim and the alleged aggressor were friends since childhood and even the alleged perpetrator of the shot went to the communion of his grandchildren.

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The Civil Guard, during the intervention in Santovenia
The Civil Guard, during the intervention in Santovenia – EFE

The event is settled with a fatality, a detainee and a lieutenant colonel of the Civil Guard injured; the detainee, who barricaded himself for hours, shot him while trying to mediate with him.

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