Wednesday, January 19

This is how the coronavirus fights against vaccines to try to escape them

  • Estanislao Nistal Villán
  • The Conversation*


Image source, Shutterstock

Variants of SARS-CoV-2 and their contagiousness are causing a lot of media attention in recent weeks.

As time has passed, the virus has changed. It has introduced point mutations in its gene sequence, many of which result in amino acid changes in its proteins.

With these changes, the virus acquires evolutionary advantages in the process of adaptation to our cells and organisms, which they are the medium in which it is replicated.

This adaptation process does not necessarily imply greater virulence, but it does imply progress in improving receptor binding, optimization of its replication, more effective production of viral particles and their transmission, modulation of the pathology or, eventually, partial escape. of any of the immune mechanisms.

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