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This is how you can prevent Spotify from sharing your information, and why you should do it

The most used music streaming platform in the world, Spotify, collects thousands of data about us and sells it to third parties, like almost all the apps that we carry on our mobile. That’s why we teach you to limit how much they collect from you.

Yes, on Spotify they watch you. Like every time you use Facebook or Instagram, the app collects all kinds of information about you. It’s the way of doing business, if subscriptions and ads weren’t enough. They also sell the data they get from your usage.

But can we limit the data Spotify collects from our daily usage? Yes. Fortunately, privacy-conscious Spotify users have more options than simply deleting their account (here’s the complete guide to using the app to its full potential).

The most obvious and immediate action users can take is to make a very specific adjustment to their privacy settings.: Turn off tailored ads.

“If you use the Spotify services with advertising support and you opt out of receiving personalized ads, we will not share your information with third-party advertising partners or use the information received by them to show you personalized ads“, explains Spotify.

To opt out of personalized ads in your app just follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Spotify account.
  • From the “Profile” menu in the upper right corner, select “Account.” If you’re using the desktop app, your browser will open.
  • From the menu on the left, select “Privacy Settings.”
  • Scroll down and make sure “Process my personal data for personalized ads” is turned off.
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And since you’re there, You can also choose not to allow Spotify to process your Facebook data. This, according to Spotify, means that “will stop processing any Facebook data shared with Spotify, except personal data that allows you to log in to Spotify with your Facebook account“.

And this is important whether you are a paying subscriber or not. And it is that, Although paying subscribers are not subject to the same type of ad interruptions as non-paying users, their experience with the Service is not ad-free.

Spotify states that it may share user data with unidentified advertising and marketing “partners”, for purposes including (but not limited to) “tailor ads to be more relevant to you” and “promote Spotify in the media”.

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Spotify tries to break this down in the most bland way possible: “An example of a personalized ad is where an advertising partner has information suggesting that you like cars, which could allow us to show you ads about cars.“.

The personalized ads part is where things get interesting and, according to privacy experts, potentially problematic. Remember, after all, that the data collected by Spotify includes all the songs you have listened to on the platform.

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