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This is iLife A11, an efficient machine at a good price

The latest robot vacuum cleaner iLife, the A11, has just arrived on the market. It has a remote control, a 5200 mAh battery and an optimal 4000 Pa suction capacity, although one of its best features is the new generation laser navigation, which maps more precisely and provides better cleaning results. Other values ​​are the automatic charging and the remarkable autonomy of the battery. An important piece of information is that, despite being a top-of-the-range model, it reaches the market at a very reasonable price of around 296 euros.

Equipment Features

iLife returns to the market with a top-of-the-range model in its catalogue, successor to the successful A10, proposing a technologically improved version with new aesthetic values. It is a balanced model between price and performance, equipped with LDS laser navigation, which significantly improves the process of mapping rooms and cleaning.

At first glance, it stands out for integrating a laser turret that seeks to carry out precise mapping, which, together with advanced artificial intelligence, offers speed, precision and efficiency to the cleaning process.

To increase the capacity of use, a remote control has been added to the product, which complements the control capabilities of a dedicated mobile application, which means that it can be manipulated from two options and depending on the tastes or needs of the user.

Design and configuration

With this robot, the brand has wanted to offer the user a complete cleaning system capable of facing well-known brands on the market, albeit at a lower price.

In terms of aesthetics, it has been improved thanks to a shiny black casing and a classic design. At the top there are two buttons (a switch and the control to return to the base).

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Under the lid we find the dust (and water) tank, which is easily accessible and without the need to get your hands dirty. The powder one has a capacity of 450 ml, and 200 ml of water reserve.

In the upper part, the LDS sensor is located on a slightly raised turret that gives the team a better perspective of space. This configuration makes the vacuum approximately 2 cm taller, creating an assembly of approximately 9.5 cm.

One thing to note is that it has large bumpers equipped with sensors. Sensors that are also located under the device to prevent it from falling.

Underneath we find the main rotating brush: the basic one has rubber fins coupled with carbon bristles to more easily move the dust. It can be exchanged for a softer brush for hard floors. The wheels integrate a lever system that allows you to overcome domestic obstacles.

There is also a unique side brush, with 3 blades, which allows dust to be collected towards the center of the appliance, to optimize suction and cleaning.


The maximum working time according to the tests carried out is 180 minutes. A 5200 mAh battery is responsible for keeping it active during that time. The power of the robot is 4000 PA.

Applied technology

The lds navigation used gives good results. Even during the first cleaning, the rooms are well mapped. The robot has no problem finding the base and coming back after the cycle is finished.

Cleaning is carried out according to the established protocol: by default, the robot moves first along the edge and then in a straight line, which ensures that it picks up dirt from carpets and tiles.

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The robot dodges obstacles well and smoothly.

Mobile app

Simple and fast interface. On the main screen we can see the stored map, the battery level and the cleaning time. Allows you to start cleaning and select the operating mode (3 modes).

Summary of values

4000 Pa suction and a 5200 mAh battery offer up to 180 minutes of operation.

Sober design with a black lacquered plastic body. The turret at the top integrates the laser, and there is a double button on the front to start or stop cleaning, as well as to force it back to the charging station.

Installation is simple and you can be up and running in minutes. It is also very easy to sync with the smartphone.

Through the application it is possible to start a standard cleaning, a specific program, change the suction power or the intensity of the water wash, send it to the base or set specific cleaning movements.


The robot picks up fine dust from both carpets and tiles well. In standard mode, there is no problem catching even larger particles like coffee grounds. In the case of carpets, for a thorough cleaning of large particles, it is recommended to use the turbo mode.

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In the scrubbing function, the robot distributes the water efficiently and cleans the surface very well.

Optimal value for money: 296 euros.

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