Wednesday, February 21

This is Repsol’s new digital transformation alliance

Celonis’ Execution Management System (EMS) reveals and fixes process inefficiencies. This tool provides the data and intelligence to understand what to fix first, as well as the correct actions to take, eliminating inefficiencies that slow performance.

To this end, Repsol, together with Celonis, have established a co-innovation alliance to optimize the management of processes in all the businesses of the Spanish energy company in order to offer a better, faster and more efficient service.

“The visibility we obtain with Celonis allows us to accelerate the pace of our digital transformation, reducing the time spent turning knowledge into action,” explains Ana Torres, director of Repsol’s IT & Digital Business Partner Corporation and Commercial Economic Services.

Repsol and Celonis

In 2021, Repsol announced that it would market ARiA, a proprietary cloud-based data and analytics platform, to help customers deploy and accelerate the use of big data and artificial intelligence in their businesses.

The multi-energy company will now leverage Celonis’ process automation and intelligence capabilities in conjunction with the ARiA platform to reduce the time it takes to turn data-driven insights into business value and accelerate transformation.

This collaboration opens up new possibilities for gaining transparency and visibility into the process variants that impact efficiency in real time, allowing for innovation and agility, as well as the ability to simplify Repsol’s operations and increase the efficiency of its processes.

Repsol will widely deploy Celonis technology in its business processes, which will allow it to offer more agile and efficient services.

Celonis EMS

Celonis EMS is a highly secure, hyper-connected, fast and scalable cloud platform that seamlessly integrates three main components: real-time data, process intelligence and targeted actions.

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Using the EMS, Repsol is in a position to obtain good business performance in a very short period of time from an economic, equitable and sustainable perspective. Both companies will co-innovate in three different areas:

  • First of all, Celonis will contribute to the optimization of assets and co-development of Repsol. This includes pre-packaged functionalities for excellence in the Global Services function within the energy company, as well as a focus on value and ease of implementation for its customers.
  • In the same way, Repsol and Celonis will jointly develop new application assets for the energy sectorbased on contributions from Repsol.
  • Lastly, Repsol will combine its analytical capabilities with real-time data processing, benchmarking and Celonis best practices to improve the functionalities of its products.

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