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This is the Amazon Echo Show 15

The latest creation of Amazon, the Echo Show 15is already available in our market for a few weeks, at a price of around 250 euros. The product integrates renewed features and services for the smart home and, above all, for those who are already familiar with this type of device, who will find in Show 15 an ally in a multitude of tasks.

An important advantage is that you can be placed vertically or horizontally, like a painting (the aesthetics are very careful) and, thanks to its good size, it allows you to comfortably view the content of popular platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or YouTube, and enjoy services of interest such as video calls.

Like the rest of the firm’s attendees, he has Alexa integratedwhich facilitates precise voice control, and for those who do not use this feature, note that the screen is touch, which makes personalized uses possible, such as, for example, accessing recipes if it is installed in the kitchen, a space where it provides exceptional service.

This team provides the dose of privacy that users and legal regulations require, and in this sense it has a physical cover for the camera and a button to disable the microphoneas well as the ability to view and delete voice recordings.

The integrated camera provides functions of webcam (resolution is five megapixels) enough for video calls and also for home control and surveillance tasks when we are away from home.

It should be noted in a special way that the product comes with the Amazon AZ2 Neural Engine, a processor based on machine learning, so it is capable of managing artificial vision algorithms and giving life to the new Visual ID, the system that allows Alexa to recognize the person in front of the screen. With this feature, you will display personalized content, reminders, calendar events, recent music, favorite news sources and notes, among other possibilities. To this is added the voice ID, which allows you to identify who is speaking and personalize the experience. The Visual ID is optional, requires you to create it specifically, and all image processing is done on the device. It can be removed at any time.

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Technical characteristics and applied technology

Featuring a 15.6-inch Full HD smart display with 1080p resolution, it can be wall-mounted or placed on a stand in either portrait or landscape orientation.

The home interface has been redesigned with more customization options.

It features the next-generation Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge processor with machine learning and a scalable quad-core architecture.

It has Bluetooth to pair the device with smartphones and tablets and, in this way, carry out the configuration remotely or take advantage of some of the additional functions of the equipment, such as those of internal communication.

It is configured as a correct stereo, radio, podcast and audiobooks, thanks to full-range stereo speakers with dimensions of 41 millimeters.

Featured Values

with the new widgets the device shows on the screen what the user needs. To complement the rotating ambient content, it is possible to customize the start using a new Widget Gallery, which allows you to choose and add useful information. The widgets Alexa apps are continually updated to keep your latest info, shared family calendar, to-do lists, shopping lists, and more at a glance.

It helps you stay connected inside and outside the home, which means managing your home devices and services, as well as security.

Echo Show 15 has received the badge Climate Pledge Friendly on, certified by the Carbon Trust, a distinction that helps customers find and buy more sustainable products. The design of the appliance has minimized the impact on the environment by using post-consumer recycled plastics and recycled aluminum. It has a low power mode feature to save power during periods of inactivity.

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Echo Show 15 is a step forward in the way we think about the ambient home: it’s there when you need it, and it disappears into your room’s décor when you’re not. Its screen allows you to display relevant information and enjoy personalized entertainment. Excellent service as TV for the kitchen.

It allows the linking of compatible devices and control them all from a single panel. In addition, as it comes with an intelligent screen with optimal definition (15.6-inch Full HD), it allows the viewing of content from different platforms, showing memories in photos or leaving notes to other people in the home.

Organize family life at a glance: calendars, personal notes, to-do lists, reminders… And, if Visual ID is used, each member of the household will be able to access their specific appointments, reminders and recently played music or their own lists in Amazon Music, among other things.

Designed to protect privacy, it’s built with multiple layers of controls to electronically disconnect microphones or use the built-in cover to cover the camera.

Data sheet

DIMENSIONS: 402 x 252 x 35mm

SCREEN: 15.6 inches. Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels)

SPEAKERS: 2 x 41mm

PROCESSOR: Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge

FUNCTIONS: Visual ID. Alexa integrated


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OTHERS: Camera cover. Microphone mute button

PRICE: 249.99 euros

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